A little bit new about the upcoming sale and in general ...

1. Several new working promotional codes:
a) For RF and CIS:
100/1000 rub: Alistallions100aug

150/1500 rub: Alistallions150aug
200/1600 rub: Alistallions200aug
250/2000 rub: MFN250aug
500/6000 rub: MFN500aug

b) There were promo codes 300/2000 rubles for Moldova, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia (by the name of the promo you can guess which one for which country):

2. Fortune cookies lottery. We open the cookie 3 times a day and get coins, coupons or goods for 1 ruble.
Most often, coins fall out. We go to the mob. application, then "games and coins", click on the black bubble on the right with the image of a cookie.
Well, or just follow the link:
Thanks to Anastasia Pogodkina for the tip.

3. The discount from Visa has been updated, now they will give a discount of 250 rubles for purchases from 450 rubles:

The discount is cumulative with all other promotional coupon codes. This time, the discount will work only once per account! The full rules of the promotion have not yet been updated, so changes are possible.
A little new about the upcoming sale and in general ... 0