Assembled licensed Ferarri 1:24 models

Assembled licensed models Ferarri 1: 240

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1,392 RUB

On Ali, prefabricated licensed Ferarri models can bebuy at a very favorable price - in other stores they cost twice as much - 3000r. Just be sure to order in the AliExpress application, it will be a little cheaper.

All models are prefabricated - a bunch of spare parts comes in the box (body, glass, wheels, tires, seats, bridges, steering wheel, engine, etc.). Everything is assembled together using screws and a screwdriver - they are included in the kit.

The models themselves are very detailed, everything is worked out to the smallest detail - mirrors, emblems, headlights, deflectors, radiator grilles, etc. All models have a steering wheel, doors and hood open.

The models are weighty - the body is made of metal. Made on a scale of 1:24 - about the size of an adult's palm. The set comes with two sets of discs: matte and glossy.