Big post about the upcoming sale + actual promotional codes

Before proceeding to the sale info, I offer a list of promotional codes working NOW, suddenly you need to buy something urgently:
100/1000 rub: uberdealaug
150/1500 rub: uberdeal150aug

200/1600 rub: uberdeal200aug
250/2000 rub: aliinfo250aug
500/6000 rub: aliinfo500aug

You can also get a coupon of 300/2400 rubles in the VK mini-app, the coupon is already valid, and it works not only in the VK mini-app, you can spend it both through the website and through the mob. Appendix:

From 23 to 28 August there will be a sale "Weekgifts. "According to the tradition of Ali, this is the third largest sale (after 11.11 and Ali's DR), there are usually good promotions and offers, so I advise you to pay attention.
From today (August 18) to 22nd the "warm-up" will take place: promotions, coupon distribution, etc. will start working.

1. Sale home page:

2. Ali coupon 30/300 $ (there may be other denominations, depending on the account, I was given 8/80 $):

Or you can get it in the mob. application (go to the profile, a banner with a coupon should pop up).

3. Ali sellers bold coupons:
Now they are far away, turn the page.
Let me remind you that this is one of the most profitable promotions from Ali. For newbies: before the sale, Ali runs rounds where you can get coupons from sellers for a 30-70% discount.
Plus, because These are sellers' coupons, they can be combined with Ali's promo codes, which gives a very pleasant effect.
- Giveaways will be held every day until August 23 at 10:00, 13:00, 16:00, 20:00, 01:00 MSK
- Often there are specific coupons, but there are always popular stores with a huge assortment, such as Ugreen, Baseus, Honor.
- You can only find out coupons for the next distribution. Therefore, I recommend that you stop by shortly before each distribution and see what will happen this time.
- Last year there were problems that were not goodpeople used special software to automatically collect all coupons. Now Ali has complicated the receipt, but this is only to our advantage (in the last sale in June, I easily caught 10 pieces of fat coupons, I ended up using almost everything).
When the time runs out, it is imperative to refresh the page, everything is simple from the computer, but from the mob. applications are more complex: you can follow the link above from this post, for example, again.
I note that it happens that you refresh the page and supposedly all the coupons have been sorted out. Try again in a second, 5, 10, 30 seconds. Sometimes coupons appear a little later.
- Another important point:the error "Please use another device to sign in" often occurs. Most often this happens if you frantically click on the coupon buttons (don't do it this way), Ali thinks that you are an autoclicker. If you catch such a thing, there is nothing to be done, the next round or two will definitely have to be skipped, Ali will not give coupons.

4. The game "Puzzle Game", we get coupons 100/1200 and 500/3000 rubles for simple tasks:

In the task where you need to send a link to a friend, you can throw it in the comments under the posts about the sale (under the usual posts, please do not). For example, under this post you can.

5. Game Order Game, they will give a coupon of 1000/4000 rubles for 3 purchases with delivery from the Russian Federation (the coupon will be valid in September, at some next mini-sale):

They wrote to me a lot about the 1000/2000 coupon fora similar promotion, and so, check the profiles, you should have already credited it, people write what they received. If you do not have it, it is better to write to technical support to clarify.

6. Aliboxes:
So far, there is no point in looking there, it will be necessarygo at the start of the sale, they will give you an alibox of the 1st level (inside there will be some gifts, coupons or goods for 1 RUB). The next level of Alibox will open for a purchase for 500 rubles, etc. They promise that the higher the level of the opened Alibox is, the cooler gifts can get.

7. Promotion for 3 products at the price of 2:
Only Tmoll products from the categories Food, Household chemicals, Pet products

eight.Promotion "Discount 220 rubles for every 2200 rubles" (for selected products that have an inscription in the product card "discount 220 rubles for every 2 200 rubles in the order", the label is visible only through the mobile application). In fact, this is a new incarnation of special coupons. The discount will be summed up with coupons-promotional codes-other discounts.
Selected products are those that are onlink above. I note that they will offer products similar to those that you have viewed recently, i.e. different products will be shown on each account. In general, a good addition to other discounts. Also note that under the "We recommend you" label, you can switch product categories.

Closer to the sale, we will publish a post with a list of good stores participating in this promotion.

9. Coupons for coins are available: $ 3/30 and $ 7/70.To exchange, go to the application - "Games and coins" - "Coupons". If any coupons are not available, try after 10:00 AM UTC the next day. Coupons will run from August 23!
Closer to the sale, more coupon denominations are likely to appear.

10. For Ukraine and Europe, the "Energy Generator" was launched:
(or you can simply write energy lab in the application search)
You can get merchant coupons and products fora small amount. For the Russian Federation: they write that you can set Ukraine as a country in the application and get good seller coupons (you definitely won't be able to take goods), but I myself have not tried it and I do not guarantee that it will work.

11. We will publish the full list of promotional codes before the sale, but it is already known that the most popular ones will be 1000/11000, 1500/15000 rubles.

P. S. To always be aware of sales, promotional codes and coupons, subscribe to our newsletter, all information will come to you in your private messages:
Big post about the upcoming sale + actual promotional codes0