Black Friday 2022 in Russia. Where is the best place to shop at a discount

Every year, vendors hold dozens of differentpromotions and discounts, but the most memorable is, of course, Black Friday. In Russia, the main sale of the year is not so popular, because many people believe that Black Friday discounts are not real. In fact, they really are: in some cases, any of the goods can actually be bought for a penny from almost any seller. But do shopping on black friday you need to deliberately and carefully, so as not to overpay and not regret it. Today I will tell you about where to find real discounts on black friday...

Black Friday 2022 in Russia. Where is the best place to shop at a discount. Here are the best places to shop on Black Friday. A photo.

Here are the best places to shop on Black Friday



Where to buy an iPhone at a discount

Of course, many of us are interested how to buy iphone cheaper. It would seem that there are no discounts on Black Friday, but this is not so. Take, for example, great deals on OZON: Black Friday on the marketplace will last from November 21 to 27, and discounts will reach as much as 90%. So buy for 64 GB you can for the same 35-36 thousand rubles -the price, by the way, is identical to the offers of gray sellers. True, on OZON you can pay for your purchase in installments, save money using an OZON account, not to mention cashback with a bank card.

Where to buy iPhone at a discount. The iPhone 11 can be bought at a sale very cheaply, but you will have to wait for delivery. A photo.

iPhone 11 can be bought on sale very cheap, but you have to wait for delivery

You can save even more: buy iPhone 11 on black friday for 28-29 thousand rubles, for 128 GB - for 32-33 thousand. Delivery will be from another country and you will have to wait about a month, but even serovars do not have such prices. Anyway, Black Friday at Ozone must be kept in mind.

Black Friday on OZON

Where to buy an iPad cheaper

Apple technology prices it has been stormy since the beginning of the year, but lately it has only become cheaper. For example, buy iPad Air 2022 at a discount you can on the same Yandex.Market: however, there are a lot of offers, so the price range is serious.

Where to buy an iPad cheaper. For iPad on Black Friday, it's better to go to Yandex.Market. A photo.

For iPad on Black Friday, it's better to go to Yandex.Market

At the moment, best price for iPad Air 2022 - 43-44 thousand rubles, and taking into account the promisedBlack Friday discounts tablet should be even cheaper. In addition, a large number of offers will always allow you to navigate and not overpay, and you can also buy goods in installmentsso as not to pay the entire amount at once. Be sure to check out Black Friday on Yandex.Market...

Home goods cheap

Home goods cheap. Aliexpress traditionally has discounts in honor of Black Friday. A photo.

AliExpress traditionally discounts in honor of Black Friday

If you are planning buy home goods on black friday, then for the best offers you always needgo to AliExpress: home accessories, jewelry, robotic vacuum cleaners and more - all you need to buy here. Contrary to popular belief that sales on Aliexpress are not real, many sellers have actually reduced the price of goods. We recommend checking them out to catch the Black Friday deals. Traditionally don't forget to use AliExpress coupons and sellers to make shopping even more profitable!

It is equally important not to miss Discounts on Wildberries on Black Friday, because the marketplace is traditionally a supplier of cool home goods: at the 11.11 sale, you can buy some of them for 90% cheaper than usual. For most positions real Discounts will continue on Black Friday, and add to this fast delivery, you get the same Aliexpress and even cheaper!

Where to buy equipment at a discount

Where to buy equipment at a discount. Black Friday at MVideo is already a tradition. There are always good deals. A photo.

Black Friday at MVideo is already a tradition. There are always great deals

Studies show that about 60% of Russians spend from 10 to 30 thousand rubles on Black Friday: if you already have smartphones and other gadgets, you can always buy home appliances during Black Friday in MVideo...

The World Black Friday promotion starts on November 18 and will last until November 28, and discounts will be up to 50%. So you can buy a TV at a low price or a refrigerator cashback bonuses on the next purchase - that's a rarity these days.

Discounts on clothing on Black Friday

Discounts on clothes on Black Friday. Clothing on Lamoda is always cheaper than in regular stores. A photo.

Clothing on Lamoda is always cheaper than in regular stores

Many brands offer clothing discounts, but on Black Friday I always buy warm clothes and other accessories at Lamoda: the online store pleasantly surprises me every year, because prices drop on black friday Plus, it is possible to use a promotional code and a buyer's discount, which is constantly accumulating.

I have long noticed that often on Lamoda in ChernayaFriday there are such discounts, which then do not meet during the year. Add to this the fact that there are always clothes from brands that have left Russia. The sale will last until the end of November - you have time to think!