Bluetooth headphones Xiaomi 1more

Bluetooth headphones Xiaomi 1more0

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$ 45

The earbuds keep a charge up to 22 hours with recharging from the case. Supports fast charging (15 minutes of charge is enough for 2 hours of use).

Each earphone has a touch button.The buttons can be used to adjust the volume, control calls, music and, of course, turn on / off the headphones themselves. The functions of the buttons are the same both when working with two headphones, and when working with one.

As for the sound, it is of high quality and goodbalanced, all frequencies are played sufficiently, bass is also present and felt. As for the volume, it is quite enough. In the city, 75-80% is enough for a comfortable immersion in music, the surrounding noise is not audible.

Supports 2 codecs: aptX and SBC.Noise cancellation excludes extraneous sounds, the interlocutor will hear only your voice, without various screams and sounds of cars. The headphones are IPX5 water resistant.