Car gadgets you can't leave home without. Many can be bought on AliExpress

(140 rubles) - an affordable option with an abundance of USB-A for active gadget lovers. Buyers don't complain.</li>

  • (250 rubles) - universal charging for those who use USB-A and USB-C connections. Buyers recommend checking support for required fast charging protocols.
  • (380 rubles) - branded car charger with USB-A and USB-C. Expensive but reliable.
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    On the one hand, automotive power supplies,that plug into a cigarette lighter socket and allow you to recharge all your gadgets on the go, seem like something absolutely trivial. On the other hand, the most versatile option that will not let you down at the most crucial moment. It makes sense to pay attention to the interface, as well as a set of protocols with which a specific car charger fully works.

    car inverter

    A real "socket" for connecting everything in a row

    (930 rubles) - a good option for undemanding users. In addition to a full-fledged socket, there was also a place on its body for several USB-A ports.</li>

  • (1,100 rubles) - a compact inverter for a cigarette lighter with one socket and a pair of USB ports. Buyers note the simplicity and convenience of the device.
  • (1,700 rubles) - to unleash the full potential of this device, it does not need to be connected through the cigarette lighter: the battery terminals are better suited.
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    With the help of an average carthe power supply will be able to charge a smartphone, smart watch or tablet. But what if you need to power something more serious? An inverter will come to the rescue - a special device that will transfer the vehicle's voltage to the usual 220 V. There is no point in connecting something very powerful to it. However, charging a laptop, a camera battery or a quadcopter is not a question at all.

    smartphone holder

    Most convenient with magnetic or other fasteners

    (110 rubles) - an affordable dock that automatically clamps the smartphone during installation. Easily fits any gadget up to 6-6.2 inches.</li>

  • (210 rubles) - a compact duct dock that features a minimalist design in several colors.
  • (370 rubles) - a serious holder that is attached to the windshield, dashboard or other surface.
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    Inside the car, do not neglect the activeusing a smartphone - when a real "Swiss knife" with an unlimited number of useful chips is at hand, it is extremely stupid to hide it in your pocket or bag. However, operating a gadget while holding it in your hand is far from the safest idea. It should be installed on a convenient holder, turned towards you, activate the appropriate navigation system, start your favorite music and go on an adventure. The main thing is to decide on the choice of a docking station.

    Automobile compressor

    The device must be equipped with a pressure gauge

    (1,600 rubles) - a small device that will help to pump up not only tires, but also all kinds of inflatable devices.</li>

  • (1,700 rubles) - an excellent device with a high rating and a built-in electronic pressure gauge. The ratings are the most positive.
  • (2,500 rubles) - a portable device from a well-known manufacturer, which will please not only with stable operation, but also with nice packaging.
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    The vehicle must have aessential accessories that will help reanimate the wheels and other technical components of the vehicle. As practice shows, many people forget about the compressor. It will help to control the number of atmospheres in the tires and inflate the spare tire if it has to be installed. It is very important that a pressure gauge is built into it - a device that measures pressure. If it is not provided, there can be no question of any control, therefore it is extremely important to pay attention to it.

    Car multitool

    Universal gadget with pliers and a set of cue balls

    (1,050 rubles) is an interesting device that is definitely worth keeping in a car. He, among other things, has an impact tip that will help to urgently break the glass of the vehicle.</li>

  • (1,850 rubles) - a great option with a large selection of screwdrivers for all occasions. Buyers note the good quality of the tool.
  • (2,100 rubles) - as many as 18 devices in one tool, including a saw, scissors, as well as bottle openers for all occasions.
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    There are plenty of specializedautomotive multitools. However, it is quite possible to throw any other Swiss knife into the glove compartment of your favorite vehicle. The main thing is that it be built on the basis of pliers, which will definitely come in handy even corny in order to reset the battery terminals or unscrew a couple of “extra” nuts. Yes, and a set of cue balls for all occasions will definitely come in handy for an avid car enthusiast. You can pay attention to expensive branded options, but also more affordable ones, usually with a head.

    Starter charger

    Instead, you can use the usual "crocodiles"

    (1,150 rubles) is a multifunctional gadget that can be used not only for emergency starting the engine. It has a minimalistic design and a nice indicator of the current energy level.</li>

  • (2,000 rubles) is a great option, you definitely won’t have to worry about the safety of which in the trunk. Reviews are positive.
  • (3,600 rubles) is a reliable branded option that will definitely not let you down at the most crucial moment.
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    Must be in the trunk of a carsomething that will definitely help start the vehicle if its battery suddenly fails. You can use primitive "crocodiles" that will help "light" one engine from another. But a full-fledged charging device will clearly turn out to be noticeably easier to use. A small tool will give the battery the "push" it needs to crank the starter and start the engine. Moreover, it can usually act as a capacious external battery for improvised mobile devices.

    Roomy power bank

    It is better to choose something powerful and really capacious

    (RUB 2,000) - A small variant with USB-C and USB-A ports with medium power.</li>

  • (2,350 rubles) - a large power bank for all occasions with a maximum power of up to 45 watts. With the help of this, even an ultrabook can be charged.
  • (5 000 rub.) is an external battery with a power of up to 65 W, with which it will even support the charge of a professional laptop with a diagonal of 15-16 inches. The main thing is that it has Power Delivery support.
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    Even with a car charger in the cabinthe vehicle must be hidden capacious external battery. It will help you stay in touch and generally comfortably use all your mobile devices, even if something goes wrong with the power of the car. Imagine that during a trip the vehicle stopped starting in a completely unpredictable place. You need to find a service station and get help - for this, the smartphone must be at least slightly charged. A lot of things can happen on the road, and it is important to prepare for all this.

    Car DVR

    It is worth choosing something comfortable and with good optics

    (3,000 rubles) - a portable solution that cannot be used without a connection with a smartphone. But the space in the cabin takes up a minimum.</li>

  • (6,000 rubles) - you can connect a rear-view camera to it, as well as a lot of other auxiliary gadgets.
  • (5,400 rubles) - a multimedia combine, fixing the situation on the road for which is not the most important task.
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    If you follow the principle that the road cananything happens, you need to prepare for potential traffic accidents. It is important to install a DVR that will constantly record everything that happens outside the windshield. This will help prove your innocence in the event of a potential accident, which, whether you like it or not, simply cannot be ruled out. On the one hand, a car DVR should be easy to use so that you can get all the necessary materials out of it as quickly as possible. On the other hand, he must capture a picture of decent quality in order to consider car numbers and other nuances of what is happening.

    Car navigator

    If there is a built-in one, it is important to update maps in it

    (2,700 rubles) is a fairly simple but reliable device with a set of maps that is updated annually.</li>

  • (3,100 rubles) is a navigator that, among other things, can be branded with your own logo when ordering a large batch.
  • (6,200 rubles) - this universal device, among other things, provides GPS for positioning on the ground.
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    Many modern cars are equippedbuilt-in navigation systems that help you easily move between points "A" and "B". However, even in this case, it is extremely important to keep the maps up to date: deal with their updates and systematically download new archives. If there is no built-in navigation system, you can use both a smartphone and a separate third-party gadget. The latter can be cunningly integrated into the vehicle’s power system so that you don’t have to constantly monitor its charge level. And in terms of convenience, a highly specialized device will clearly be head and shoulders above a multifunctional one.

    Car FM transmitter

    Useful thing for stale multimedia systems

    (280 rubles) - a stylish plastic accessory with a good sound.</li>

  • (1,100 rubles) - a time-tested device with a pair of USB-A ports and fast charging. The sound is also praised by users.
  • (1,100 rubles) - a large gadget with a hands-free function and the necessary related controls.
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    Of course, if the car usesa modern multimedia system that makes it possible to comfortably listen to music, including from a smartphone, there is absolutely no point in such an accessory. However, when it comes to models that are not equipped with Bluetooth, the FM transmitter is a great find. The smartphone connects to it via a wireless network. By itself, it broadcasts the received signal over radio frequencies, which makes it possible to fully use the same streaming services even in the oldest cars.

    Hidden GPS beacon

    In principle, it can be made from an old smartphone

    (1,260 rubles) - the simplest option with connection through the diagnostic connector of the car.</li>

  • (1,210 rubles) - a beacon that can work autonomously for up to a couple of days.
  • (1,325 rubles) - the most inconspicuous option, which even the most experienced attackers are unlikely to be able to find.
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    It will not be superfluous to acquire a hidden systemvehicle location tracking. Traditional geotags like Apple's AirTag won't work, as they will quickly give themselves away. Full-fledged GPS beacons can be integrated into the alarm system or installed separately. Moreover, not the latest Android or iOS smartphone may be suitable for their role. You need to install a SIM card with good internet into it, provide continuous power and hide it somewhere under the interior trim. In the end, the mobile device, along with the lost car, can be found through the proprietary location systems of Google or Apple.

    All kinds of personal items

    Thermal mug, car pillows, cooler bag

    (920 rubles) - a time-tested option that will definitely outlast more than one vehicle.</li>

  • (620 rubles) - among the advantages of this accessory is the most ergonomic shape and very convenient storage in the trunk or cabin.
  • (1,250 rubles) - it is distinguished not only by convenient transportation in a car, but also by comfortable carrying on your own two.
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    A car can have a lot ofother accessories that will make regular travel between cities more comfortable. Thermal mugs, for example, will come in handy in the salon not only in the winter season, but also in summer. Fans of long trips will also be useful to get special car pillows that will fix the neck. In the end, a cooler bag that will keep the food temperature will be a great gift for yourself and your vehicle - a very useful thing.