Choosing a smart watch for a child. Interesting offers from aliexpress

In the modern world, smart watches have long becomea common occurrence. They make our life a little more convenient, and also allow you to monitor your health, because they include many useful fitness functions. But for children, they can be even more useful. The smallest children who have not yet grown up to their first smartphone can use a watch with the ability to install a SIM card. Thus, parents can call their child and at the same time they will not worry that older children will take away the smartphone on the street or the child will simply lose it. And some models allow you to track the location, which is a paramount task for many parents. I bought this watch for my son when he was still in kindergarten. And even in first grade, he still got along well with a wearable device. But even if the child is a little older and already has his own smartphone, the watch can help not to miss a call from his parents. At school, a smartphone usually lies on silent mode in a backpack and it is unrealistic to get through. And so the child sees on the bracelet that dad or mom is calling and, if possible, will call back or immediately pick up the phone. Today I want to show smart watches from aliexpress specifically for children. Moreover, I specially picked up inexpensive models that would not be a pity if my son or daughter broke them during active games. An inexpensive gadget will teach responsibility and introduce you to the modern world, and parents will get peace of mind and the ability to control their child.

Zouyun Q12 kids smart watch

Well, I’ll start right away with popular inexpensive models.Zouyun Q12 children's smart watch has a SIM card slot and can be used for calls. In addition, parents can track the location of the child through a special application. The watch has a GPS module, so the location determines quite accurately. The watch is equipped with a camera and has several pre-installed applications, such as an alarm clock, voice chat or a pedometer. There is an SOS function that will help you quickly contact your parents in an emergency. The watch is suitable for both boys (blue) and girls (pink). Ideal for ages 6-9.

Children's smart watch Yuwspr Q528

Another model with SIM card support - YuwsprQ528. The model is very easy to set up and manage, the kids quickly figure out what's what. For them, it is possible to make a call to the numbers pre-recorded by their parents. You cannot call "unauthorized" numbers from the watch. Also, the child can send a voice message, use a simple camera or a built-in flashlight. Parents have more options. They can track the location or listen to the microphone from the watch. There is nothing criminal in this, because the child can get into trouble and wiretapping will help you quickly navigate the situation. There is also a mechanism of rewarding for good behavior or evaluations in the form of hearts, which motivates the child to do the right thing. For example, I did this with my son: for every good action, for example, washed dishes or cleaned a room, I put a heart. For 10 hearts, the child received a kinder surprise (many kids love these chocolate eggs with a toy).

Children's smart watch Hestia

Very affordable watch.The low price allows you to take a watch for an experiment, to check whether a child needs such a gadget or not. Despite the low cost, they can do almost everything that more expensive watches do: calls, messages, location tracking, etc. By the way, in the application you can see not only the current location, but also the history of movements. If you let a child go outside alone, you can see where he walked and whether he went to forbidden places. However, do not expect too much from them, after all, this is a very simple model. Of the shortcomings that users note, they most often complain about the short operating time. With active use, the charge lasts for a day - one and a half, that is, you will have to charge every day.

Children's smart watch LEMFO G4H

The complete opposite of the previous model inplan concept. The LEMFO G4H watch is worth buying if you are looking for a good model for 2-3 years. The LEMFO brand has proven itself well in adult models and has been producing watches for children for some time. A distinctive feature of the G4H model is 4G support. Fast Internet allows you to make not only voice calls, but also make video calls. For this, the manufacturer installed a camera. A good bright screen with a resolution of 240x240 allows you to use the watch even on a sunny day, and a loud speaker gives you confidence that the child will hear you. The location of the child is tracked using GPS, WiFi and even mobile phone stations. Among other things, the watch is waterproof and protected according to the IP67 standard. Users note a simple, understandable menu and instructions in Russian.

Children's smart watch L21

Smart watch L21 is more suitable for preschoolers andprimary school students. They have a more solid appearance and improved performance. Like the previous model, this one can work with LTE networks and, in addition to voice calls, supports video communication. The 650 mAh battery allows you to actively use the watch for 1-3 days (depending on the intensity), and the convenient magnetic charging makes it easy to charge the watch even for a child. No connectors = no broken connectors. My son's first watch failed precisely because he loosened and later broke the micro USB for recharging. Of course, there is parental control that allows you to track the location of the child (there is GPS). The watch has its own application store, which allows you to install useful programs, such as a calculator or a calendar. There is also an alarm clock, heart rate monitor, weather and even whatsapp.

Children's smart watch LT25

Similar to the previous model, but with a slightly differentdesign. But in terms of characteristics, this is one of the most advanced models: a 1.33" IPS screen with a resolution of 240x240, a battery with a capacity of 680 mAh, support for working with a 4G SIM card, GPS navigation for parental control, a camera with support for video calls, as well as Bluetooth and WiFi.The child will always be in touch, and you will know where he is at the moment.By the way, the watch is protected from dust and moisture according to the IP 67 standard.

Android smart watches for teenagers

Children tend to grow up quickly and you will look backyou will not have time, as the primary classes of the school will fly by. The child will already receive his first smartphone and will no longer want to wear children's watches. But maybe he will want a more advanced watch, because it can really become an assistant in everyday life. For teenagers, it's more of an entertainment device. In this regard, Android watches can satisfy any questions. The operating system allows you to install applications simply from the Play Store and you can use instant messengers, maps with navigation, trendy applications like tiktok or use a voice assistant on the watch. They can also be used as an audio player, because the watch has a built-in storage. The watch supports 4G networks and in addition to the Internet, you can also use traditional voice calls. And you can use video calls. By the way, not one, but 2 cameras were installed in the watch. One for video conversations, and the second for normal shooting.

Smart watch for teenagers X22 Pro

Teenagers are more influenced by fashion andbeing on trend is very important to them. Apple products remain one of the most desired gadgets for them, but only a few can afford such an expensive watch. But inexpensive smart watches from a third-party manufacturer with the design of the Apple Watch Series 7 will not ruin the parents and help the teenager stay in touch. The clock works on the principle of an assistant and receives notifications of calls and missed events on the screen. From the watch, you can read messages from instant messengers, control the music that plays on your smartphone, and of course the watch helps you monitor your health (heart rate monitor, pedometer, sleep monitoring). Well, they certainly look great, blending well with both sports style and casual wear.

Children's smart bracelet UGUMO

If you do not need a smart watch, but the child oftenmisses calls from you, then perhaps the bracelet will save the situation. It is not as bulky as a watch and is almost not felt on the hand. But with an incoming call, it vibrates and displays the name of the caller. Messages from messengers are also displayed. The bracelet is neat and looks good on a small hand, and you can choose one of the many watch faces specially designed for children as the main screen. The bracelet does not support conversations, it is only suitable for notifications. In addition, it has several useful functions, for example, it can measure body temperature and shows blood oxygen saturation, which in times of constant pandemics will definitely not be superfluous ...

Smart bracelet for the whole family Xiaomi band 7

Well, Xiaomi is a completely win-win 7. When my son grew up with a child's smart watch with a SIM card, he received his bracelet from Xiaomi. The bracelet allows you to stay in touch and at the same time looks very neat. The new version has increased the battery, which should have a positive effect on autonomy. The manufacturer itself claims 14 days of normal use. A large bright screen, many interchangeable straps and an excellent smartphone app make this bracelet an excellent choice not only for children and teenagers, but also for adults.