Cloth bag

Canvas bag0</b>

$ 3.24

There are many patterns to choose from. Canvas bags win over any others:

• Durability.Rough, almost untreated material, a special way of weaving threads, wide shoulder straps - all this provides the products with durability. They are not afraid of intense wear and even withstand significant loads.
• Financial benefit.It's cheaper to take one bag and carry it for many seasons than to constantly buy and throw away bags. The ease of tailoring and the availability of the material itself provide an attractive cost for such an accessory.
• Versatility. This item can be used as a regular shopping bag or as a summer bag. You can take her to the dacha, to the beach, to a picnic, or on a trip.
• Simple maintenance. Unlike shopping bags made of leatherette or leather, this product can be machine washed. It is not afraid of moisture and detergents.
• The beauty. Such an accessory looks stylish and corresponds to the modern fashion for eco-friendly products.