Computer with AliExpress: what you can take and what is absolutely impossible

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    Is it possible to buy a motherboard from AliExpress

    Naturally, on AliExpress you can buy anda motherboard (you can buy everything there if you search well), which will cost significantly cheaper than new models on the Russian market. But if in the case of processors I recommended server solutions because of the low cost with good performance, then this trick will not work with motherboards. It is one thing for an Intel processor manufactured at a proprietary factory and having worked as part of a server for ten years, and quite another for a motherboard soldered by local brands from far from the best components. And it's not just the potentially low quality of the board itself.

    Computer with AliExpress: what you can take and what is absolutely impossible
    Even the socket cover looks poor quality, and the price is higher than in the secondary market

    For example, it should be understood that if the motherthe board is assembled at a factory in China, then the BIOS is most often in Chinese there. But even if by some miracle you manage to order a board with an English translation, which is often lame on both legs, then you will not receive any BIOS updates or technical support in which case. Bought an SSD, but the system does not see it? With a high degree of probability, no one will help with this problem - even on Reddit there are not many forums where people discuss motherboards made in China. But this is not the main problem either.

    Computer with AliExpress: what you can take and what is absolutely impossible
    You can buy a motherboard immediately with a processor and RAM. Risk ×3

    The main problem is that none of the big companieswill not release drivers for these motherboards. With the processor and chipset, most likely, everything will be fine, but one cannot expect stable operation of the system on such a foundation in more or less recent versions of operating systems. You can get a normal BIOS and Windows 10 compatibility on relatively expensive motherboards, which, apparently, are assembled from parts or even broken motherboards from large manufacturers. But their price is no longer so low as to refuse the products of a well-known brand with a guarantee and after-sales service.

    Computer with AliExpress: what you can take and what is absolutely impossible
    Why buy a flagship motherboard from China with huge risks, if in Russia an analogue of the middle class costs the same?

    And let's not forget about quality.- a lot of motherboards from China, made for sale on AliExpress, are soldered in small industries from what is. Poor quality components, power circuits for show, broken ports for connecting peripherals, problems with PCI-E lines - all this and not only can potentially be yours, but it's inexpensive. In addition, the board must also arrive intact, which is also a big headache. It’s not even worth talking about new and expensive motherboards from China - I don’t quite understand why they are bought, if for the same money you can get a budget option from MSI or ASUS.

    So if processors can be safely taken, then fromI would recommend to refuse the motherboard - this is money down the drain. If you want an inexpensive board, then it is better to look at the secondary market. There will be a higher chance of getting a working product, and in which case it is much easier to repair.

    Can I buy RAM from AliExpress?

    RAM from China can also be dividedinto three categories. The first contains server memory strips purchased from foreign companies about ten years ago. They served their purpose and went for sale to the secondary market - some sellers put up entire mini-batches of four to eight 4 GB sticks. If you take it "at retail", then the price of one strip without a radiator for 4 GB with a frequency of 1333 MHz is 650-850 rubles. With a radiator, the price is higher - you need to pay from 1000 rubles for the same 4 GB, but why overpay for an unnecessary radiator is not entirely clear to me personally. This is a good option - there are, of course, failures and errors, but at such a cost, the price of an error is not too high.

    Computer with AliExpress: what you can take and what is absolutely impossible
    The seller has 1581 RAM sticks available. Looks like the entire server has been taken apart.

    The second category - memory strips after repairor modernization. Some company buys wholesale memory from the seller in the paragraph above, after which it conducts tests and reveals dead chips. After that, the unnecessary is removed, the necessary is soldered back and sent for sale at a price of under a thousand rubles, adding a radiator or even RGB backlighting. This, in fact, is another reason why it is definitely not worth buying memory with heatsinks - usually this is how basement offices want to justify the inflated price of their products.

    Computer with AliExpress: what you can take and what is absolutely impossible
    Surprisingly, DDR2 memory costs 50-100 rubles more than DDR3

    The list ends with RAM, whichproduced by Chinese companies for their own market. Here the situation is extremely strange, since such RAM can cost at the level of RAM of well-known brands in Russia. In some cases, it is possible to save 1000 rubles per 8 GB in the case of DDR4, but, frankly, this is not the kind of savings worth chasing. Still, if the bar for 650 rubles fails, then you will be upset, but not much, but if for 3000 rubles, the insult will be decent.

    Accordingly, I can for very budget assembliesrecommend the first category - you can safely order memory at the bottom of the market for 400 rubles in order to assemble an affordable computer and work with simple tasks. It's not worth risking buying supposedly new memory.

    Is it possible to buy a video card from AliExpress

    Video cards straight from China were used bygamers with a certain demand during the mining boom - then it was impossible to buy a video card in Russia at a normal price, and even at space prices, availability still raised questions. Accordingly, gamers ordered video cards from China at their own peril and risk, getting the opportunity to take possession of at least something. Now there is absolutely no point in this - the prices for video cards have fallen, moreover, quite strongly (top models have fallen in price by half), so the difference between the new model in Russia and the analogue from China can be a couple of thousand rubles.

    Computer with AliExpress: what you can take and what is absolutely impossible
    The Chinese RTX 3060 is noticeably cheaper than what you will find in stores, only for some reason it has 6 GB of internal memory, and not 12 GB, as it should be. Apparently, the extra 6 GB was soldered onto the second one of the same

    If you look at slightly more productivemodels of video cards with three fans, backlighting and impressive radiators, it turns out that a video card from a Chinese manufacturer costs 40-44 thousand rubles, while a directly excellent option in Russia costs 46-48 thousand. That is, the savings in the flagship segment will be a little more than a couple of thousand rubles, but do you want to save, for example, four thousand rubles in order to get a Chinese card instead of a global one from a major manufacturer? Probably not, especially when it comes to warranty service.

    Computer with AliExpress: what you can take and what is absolutely impossible
    The funny thing is that official GIGABYTE video cards on AliExpress cost 3 thousand more than the same ones, but from retailers in Russia

    The fact is that in most situations the seller inproduct card with a Chinese video card indicates that in case of problems, you need to contact certified customer service centers for repairs, which, of course, are only in China. And if your memory chip just dies, there is an interruption in the power circuits or the fans fail, then you will need to send the video card to China for a service center, then communicate with the masters and hope that the repair will be successful. Whether the funds for sending the video card to China will be returned and whether this repair will be free - how the card will fall.

    Computer with AliExpress: what you can take and what is absolutely impossible
    One of the most popular Chinese video card manufacturers. True, an analogue from MSI costs 47 thousand

    Of course, in the vastness of AliExpress you can findmany video cards for a more or less attractive price with good reviews. There is even a chance that you order this video card, it will arrive safe and sound, there will be no problems with updating drivers, fan noise, memory performance, and so on. In this case, you really save money by getting the same performance as MSI or ASUS, for example, but for this you need all the stars to align. This is too risky an undertaking, especially if we are talking about a cost of 30-40 thousand rubles, and I definitely cannot recommend someone to put such an amount on the card. And no one guarantees that this map has not been mined for three years before you.

    Is it possible to buy a power supply from AliExpress

    Users, especially gamers, when assemblingcomputer, most often they remember the power supply at the last moment, buying something the most affordable of all, since this component does not affect system performance in any way. But it is worth recalling that the PSU is the conditional engine of your computer. If it is junk or not protected from power surges, then there will be trouble. It is because of this that I cannot recommend buying a power supply from AliExpress with all my desire, because due to low-quality components, other system components may well go to landfill - then the savings will come out sideways.

    Computer with AliExpress: what you can take and what is absolutely impossible

    Computer with AliExpress: what you can take and what is absolutely impossible
    Which PSU would you trust with your system?

    Moreover, if you are still lucky, and the blockpower supply from AliExpress during a power surge will not kill the motherboard with a video card, then it simply will not work to take the component for repair - you will have to send it to the seller in China at your own expense. If you really need a power supply, but the budget is very limited, it is better to look at the products of little-known brands in Russia without 80 PLUS certificates. Ideally, this will be some kind of PSU from FSP with a power of 350-400 W - it will work out its money perfectly, while there is at least some kind of quality guarantee and components for repair if necessary.

    Is it possible to buy a case from AliExpress

    There are actually no claims to Chinese corps- for the most part, they are not inferior in quality to the budget solutions AeroCool or GameMax (which, probably, produce their products at the same Chinese factories). The only problem is that the case usually weighs enough to avoid free shipping. Accordingly, a Chinese case of more or less normal quality can be purchased for about 700-1000 rubles, plus delivery from 300 rubles. It turns out that you can buy a Chinese case from an unknown manufacturer that will travel for a month for 1,300 rubles - for similar cases from major brands in Russia, they ask for about 1,500 rubles. And if you really want to save money, then in the secondary market they are given for 1000, if not cheaper. Whether it is worth buying a new case and saving 200 rubles with a monthly wait - here everyone decides for himself.

    Computer with AliExpress: what you can take and what is absolutely impossible
    The advantage of AliExpress is that there are a lot of models that are not sold in Russia

    Can I buy CPU and case cooling from AliExpress?

    With the "tower" for the processor, the situation is ambiguous- good options from China will cost 300-400 rubles, good ones cost about a thousand. For the same money you can buy about the same cooler, but in Russia from official retailers. True, on AliExpress the choice is simply insane - backlighting for every taste, with two or even three fans, there is even a thermal paste included. You will have to wait from two weeks to a month, but, on the other hand, this is a good option to get a bright component for the price of a budget “tower”. With case versions, the situation is even more pleasant - you can buy backlit fans for 50-100 rubles, which is almost unrealistic in Russia.

    Computer with AliExpress: what you can take and what is absolutely impossible
    Two RGB fans, 100W heat dissipation and great reviews for only 1000 rubles

    Yes, it is worth saying that these are not the highest qualitymodels and they, most likely, after six months will begin to make noise. But for 300 rubles, you can literally hang the case with fans, improving the flow of fresh air - in certain scenarios with a closed case, this is quite a normal option.

    Can I buy an HDD or SSD drive from AliExpress?

    Although I highly do not recommend in a modern PCto use an HDD, this is certainly an opportunity to get memory for a small amount of money - a very useful bonus in budget assemblies. Unfortunately, buying an HDD on AliExpress is much cheaper than in a store around the corner, it will not work - the price is almost identical, sometimes the savings are 50-100 rubles. In rare cases, when it comes to very locally assembled Chinese drives, the price difference can be 300 rubles. But given that the HDD may not survive a trip to Russia, such savings do not look like a reasonable option.

    With SSD, the situation is more interesting - the model from WD on500 GB with a SATA3 interface in Russia costs 6800-7000 rubles, while a Chinese-made drive with the same amount of memory can be bought for 2400 rubles. Of course, one can complain that this is a Chinese assembly and there is no reliability, but this particular model has more than 31 thousand orders, almost 10 thousand reviews and a score of 4.9 points out of 5 possible. In the reviews, you can even find data from CrystalDiskInfo - the speed is even higher than that of WD Blue models, the condition is "Excellent". And although all the reviews were written by buyers at the time of purchase, even without tests, this is quite an interesting option - SSD is three times cheaper with the same speeds with such reviews, it is quite possible to take.

    Outcome. Is a computer from AliExpress profitable?

    Although there is an opinion on the network that on AliExpressyou can buy components for a penny and assemble a computer for a couple of thousand rubles, in reality this is absolutely not the case. Yes, you can really buy server processors on this platform for the price of a movie ticket - this is a great offer and you can really use it. An interesting situation with SSDs, which are three times cheaper than famous brands and, according to reviews, are quite high quality. Here you can also add CPU coolers, case fans and a small stretch of RAM. All these components can be bought from China much cheaper, the choice is simply incredible and the chance of getting a low-quality product is very low.

    With video cards, the situation is still sad - takecrafts from the basement, soldered from some unknown thing, I would not even save ten thousand rubles. Still, paying 25-30 thousand for a video card whose characteristics do not match the reference is just scary. The situation is similar with motherboards - some models are cheaper than conditional competitors in Russia, but if you look at the secondary market, the situation will even out. I strongly do not recommend buying HDDs and power supplies from China, since you can buy models in Russia for the same money with the same characteristics, only with a guarantee and at least some kind of after-sales service.

    The golden mean when building an affordable PC(no one will assemble an expensive gaming computer from AliExpress) I see a scenario in which a user orders a server processor for 500 rubles from China, we also throw in a cooler, a couple of case fans, two RAM sticks of 700 rubles each and an SSD for 2400 rubles . We take the motherboard for the processor from the secondary market, we order a new power supply without an 80 PLUS certificate, we also take a budget case on the secondary for 500 rubles, and we already take a new video card, with a guarantee.