Copozz Snorkeling Mask

Copozz0 Snorkeling Mask

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$ 25

Fast delivery to pick-up points - from 2 to 15 days, so it will come to the very height of summer.

A mask from the reliable Copozz brand - it specializes in sports goggles (for skiing, scuba diving, etc.)

Thanks to the panoramic glass, the mask has a 180 ° viewing angle. When swimming, the glass almost does not fog up. Because the air flows during inhalation and exhalation are separated and do not meet.

The tube has a float system - when you dive under water, the ball closes the air supply tube and water does not fill the mask.

The mask comes with a mount for GoPro,earplugs and replaceable pads. To choose the size, see the instructions at the bottom of the product page - you need to measure the distance from the chin to the eyes (S / m - 10-12 cm, L / XL - more than 12 cm).