Crimping pliers

Crimping pliers0

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The advantages of this crimp:

• The tool is hand-held, it does not require electricity to operate. In the case when you have to work in a room where there is no voltage, crimping is the only high-quality connection method.

• Crimping tubes can be used to connect conductors of different metals, which is a solution to the eternal problem of switching copper and aluminum conductors in one electrical unit.

• When welding requires a specialist who canto perform welding work, and when soldering it is necessary to be able to use a soldering iron, then everyone can do the crimping, it is enough to try the press tongs in action only once.

• Crimping with pressing tongs and sleeves allows to shorten the connected sections of wires to a minimum.

• As a result of crimping, a permanent connection is obtained, which can withstand high physical stress at breaking.