Desktop electronic clock: 10 models for home with alarm function from AliExpress

Desktop electronic clock with Aliexpress cannot only display the current time, but also have a number of useful features and a beautiful design that will add zest to your interior. Plus, now the watch can be purchased at a very attractive price. To help you a little with the choice, a selection of popular models of desktop electronic clocks has been compiled. Each model shown below has its own original design, supports the alarm function and other functions. In addition, shipping is at the expense of the seller.


New very original table clock modelwith fast delivery from Russia. The advantages include: beautiful design, built-in time projector, thermometer, the presence of an energy saving function. The projected time is clearly visible on a flat surface at any time of the day. The alarm clock is loud, there is a choice of melodies. Of the obvious disadvantages - a mirror surface, which easily gets dirty with a light touch of your fingers. In general, a model with a very good quality, beautiful design and fast delivery. You can take.


The distinguishing feature of this model lies invery attractive appearance. Oval shaped case made of wood. The dial is large, with customizable backlighting of numbers (only 4 levels). The background is dark, the numbers are large white. There are two alarm clocks and a built-in thermometer that displays data on the dial. The model is good, now it has a discount.

LED Alarm Clock

Modern table clock model with largeclear screen and simple design. Suitable for any living room or bedroom decor. The oval body is made of acrylic. Easy to set up. The numbers on the display are large colored with three brightness modes. When disconnected from the mains, they operate on batteries in power saving mode - the display turns off after 10 seconds. You can turn it on again by pressing the button on the top of the case.

Digital Alarm Clock

A very original table clock model witha special board with built-in lighting, on which you can leave various wishes with a fluorescent marker. Luminous clock will decorate your interior, suitable as a gift. Soft light does not interfere with sleep. Can be used in the dark as a small night light. There is a built-in thermometer and an alarm clock function. Powered by 3 AAA batteries or a power adapter.


Table clock with target and laser gunadd fun to the morning awakening. To turn off the loud alarm signal, you need to hit the center of the target, and this is not an easy task. With such a start to the day, you are guaranteed to wake up, and the charge of vivacity will increase noticeably. In addition to the standard alarm sound, it is possible to record and set any melody, phrase or sounds for morning awakening. All in all, an original watch at a great price.


Compact table clock with star projectorthe sky, which will give your family a real starfall on the ceiling and walls. Due to the dim, eye-pleasing illumination, the watch can be used as a night light. There are three levels of backlight brightness and a built-in thermometer, the readings of which are displayed on the display. In addition, the watch has five wake-up melodies and five soothing melodies to help you drift off to sleep.


Beautiful, high quality and functionala table clock. The display is large with large white digits and adjustable backlight. There is a possibility of switching on cotton. Brightness adjustment is simple. There are several body color options available. Pay attention to the green body, it looks amazing. The watch has two alarms with a loud signal and several melodies to choose from. The built-in thermometer-hygrometer captures the temperature and humidity in the room and displays the readings on the display. The model is excellent, worth the money.

Sunrise Sunset

Cool model of table clock with a veryoriginal design. The round shape of the body with eye-pleasing backlight will look great in almost any interior. The peculiarity of the model is to support the function of simulating sunrise and sunset. That in the morning hours will help wake you up, and at night you will fall asleep faster. There is an alarm clock in the watch with a choice of wake-up signal and an FM radio that can work as an alarm clock. In general, the model has good characteristics and decent quality. You can take.


This watch model looks modern due tooriginal body design. I work from a network, in a set there is a USB cable without adapter. The watch has a compartment for batteries, which are necessary to save all the settings in the event of a power outage. The range of 12 color options for the glow of the numbers. The brightness of the glow is adjustable. In general, the original model with simple controls.


This model looks very original andis popular with buyers. The case is in the form of a ring, there are numbers inside. At first glance, the numbers seem to be floating in the air. The brightness of the glow is adjustable. There is a convenient function of automatic switching to night mode, from 18.00 pm to 8.00 am the brightness of the glow is minimal. You can disable the feature if necessary.

The selection presented the most interesting options for desktop clocks, which, in my opinion, can be found on AliExpress.