Eachine E016F air cushion quadcopter. Can move through air, land and water.

From the reviews: "A funny thing.Requires nerves of iron to fly. Sensitive to centering - the battery has shifted a little, and you can hold the figs. We must follow. He flew in the room, he is not afraid of falls. I removed the protection, because without it there is more traction and, as a result, stability and controllability. Well, you have to catch the screws from time to time and put them back. Spare parts are not superfluous! And watch the rotation of the blades when you put a new one. In the mode of speedboat on the water - a surprisingly maneuverable thing, unexpectedly, you can cut eights in the bathroom! And the speed of delivery is such that I just decided to pay, and the courier has already brought it. How do they do it?

I flew several sets in copter modebatteries. It constantly drifts and quite well, but I figured out how to make slides, it's cool, you can build a cool pilot out of yourself :))) if the diode is not visible, it is difficult to navigate, indoor toy "