Educational game "Gang of wise men - Beasts"

Educational game "Gang of wise men - Beasts" 0

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Game for children from 4 years old. Helps preschoolers or elementary school children learn letters and understand how words are constructed. And all this happens in a playful way, without cramming and memorizing.

In total, there are five variants of the game with different rules. I'll tell you just one thing.

Nine cards with letters face down and a pile of cards with animals are placed on the table. A card with an animal is taken and players must open the letters in turn.

If the player has opened a card with the letter whichis absent in the name of the animal, it is turned back and the turn goes to another player. If the letter is in the name of the animal, then the card remains open.

The one who opened the last letter and collected the whole word takes the animal card for himself. There are several such rounds, who will collect more animals - won.