Enclosures for SSF or HTPC systems

Compact systems are always in the shadelarge and productive. Ready-made mini-PCs are gaining popularity and have already reached a comfortable level of performance. However, you always want something of your own. I once set out to create a mini PC based on the Ryzen 5 Pro 4650G processor, because. it has a very good video core and also chose a case. In any case, a compact case is convenient, it takes up little space, and most of them can be hung on a monitor, because. There is a VESA mount.

Cases from RGEEK: L65, L80, G60

Cases from RGEEK enjoy a fairly largepopularity. Good performance, and several variants of one case. I bought myself an L65 by mistake, because. I wanted to take the L80 and I advise you to take a case of greater height. Because one and a half centimeters will not make the weather, but it greatly expands the choice of cooling systems. Immediately pay attention to the perforated top cover.

Compact enclosures with choice of front panel

Several cases on the same chassis, but with differentfront panels, differing not only in appearance, but also in the number of ports. The power supply is not included, so you should take care of buying separately. The frontal USB 2.0 standard darkens the situation a little here. Enough for a keyboard mouse, but the drives will have to be connected, either from the back or through the hub.

Case with perforations on the side walls for better ventilation

Compact systems sometimes suffer from overheating,because the placement of components is dense, and there is nowhere to put the fans corny, and the cooling system is not bulky. Therefore, cases with an increased number of holes sometimes come to the rescue to ensure natural air circulation. On the lot page there is an option with a power supply included.

Low height chassis with front USB Type-C connector

I had somehow never seen this case before in Ali's issuance.It has one seemingly small but important advantage - it has a USB Type-C connector on the front panel, which is already popular. The kit includes an additional mounting plate for hanging the finished PC. There is no power supply included.

As you can see, the choice of such cases is not verywide, because a very large selection, in fact, the same body photographed from different angles. However, this very choice is there and it is very good. You can assemble a compact system to your taste and for your tasks. But still, finished PCs are often even smaller, because. for manufacturers, custom-made boards are available and the possibility of creating such systems is wider.