Fujifilm Instax Mini7+ for instant shots is on sale on AliExpress with a good discount. Gotta take it!


Capture the highlights with Fuji's instant camera from the world-famous brand.

What could be better than memorable pictures fromrelatives and friends. It is especially pleasant when the pictures are ready in a matter of seconds. Such photos can always be folded into a photo album or attached a couple of to the refrigerator on a magnet. Fujifilm Instax Mini7+ Instant Camera allows you to capture the brightest moments of your life and literally touch them with your hands.

The seller in stock has a gift set inwhich includes: camera, cartridge for 20 shots, cute photo frames, protective case and lanyard. If you need to buy only a camera, then it will cost much less. You can also choose from two color options: white or red with the Coca-Cola logo.

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