Goxawee laser level

Goxawee0 laser level

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$ 36.79

The laser level projects onto walls, floors andthe ceiling is thin and clear lines. You can immediately see the general picture of the state of affairs, for example, visually in 1 second to see how much the floor or ceiling falls or rises, to see the curvature of the walls, partitions.

The auto-align function eliminates human intervention. This will free your hands, you will not have to yearn for the level, as it happens with the bubble. You can even work alone.

Due to the very good clarity and largesweeping laser lines from 120 ° to 360 °, marking turns into a fast and fun process, which saves a lot of time and nerves. Imagine when you, for a long time and persistently, on your knees outline the level of the new floor along the entire perimeter at the usual level, and at the end of this long, painful process for the knees, your lines do not converge.