Headphones Apple AirPods 2

Headphones Apple AirPods 20

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$ 145.12

The second version of the most popular wirelessheadphones. They got the ability to charge wirelessly, support for the voice assistant Siri, improved connectivity - faster connect to devices and have reduced audio latency.

Headphones function well within the ecosystemApple: you can use the headphones with the Apple Watch without a smartphone, or you can play music on the iPhone, but control playback through the watch. And, of course, other Apple devices can be connected to AirPods: iPad, Macbook, iMac, etc.

Battery life is 5 hours. The case is enough for 4 charges. Total 25 hours of listening. For 15 minutes in the case, the headphones will work for 3 hours. The case is charged through Lighting.