How to use multiple coupons on Aliexpress for one order

Continuing the coupon theme. In the last article, we listed: ... Now we will look at how to use several coupons on Aliexpress, as well as the best combinations of them to save as much as possible...

We will do this using a live example. I found a store where you can use all possible coupons and discounts. For example, let's take a store ... It works well for demonstrating the process.


I have chosen a coupon for US $ 5.00 from US $ 119.00 for me it is the most profitable.


On the screen from the basket, you can understand that the seller accepts a special coupon.

In our case, you can apply a special coupon whenorder from 65 $. By using it, you get an additional $ 6 deduction. The minimum value of the special coupon is $ 2 out of $ 12. In some stores, you can use two or three special coupons at once.

In the previous article, I already wrote where to get them and how to find out if you have them.



At this stage, all deductions are applied as follows:

  1. The first step is to apply a discount for a specific product (if it is currently at a discount). The discounted product is added to the shopping cart.
  2. Then the seller's discount is deducted. In our case, it is -7 $.
  3. The store coupon is applied next. We have -5 $.
  4. And finally, Aliexpress coupon: -50 $

Second phase

Further, in addition, you can apply special coupons or promotional codes, but as I said, the promo code replaces the Aliexpress coupon.

Both the special coupon and promotional codes are deducted after the first stage, if the above coupon is not there.

In our case, we can not use either one or the other, because the special coupons are not valid yet, and the promo code does not work because of the more favorable coupon from Aliexpress.

In the end, we were able to save over $ 62. This is a great discount when you consider Alishka's fabulous coupon. Without it, it would be -12 $.


in the mobile application. </p>

Thank you all for your attention. Your MilkShake.


Here you can see all the free coupons that are currently on Aliexpress: