Irrigator Xiaomi Dr. Bei GF3

Irrigator Xiaomi Dr. Bei GF30

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$ 21.16

A good chance to pick up a decent irrigator at an extremely low price.

For those who do not know, an irrigator is a contactless dental washer. A stream of water lends itself under powerful pressure. It effectively cleans the interdental spaces. Does it even better than dental floss.

It is also useful for people with prostheses, crowns, braces, implants - there are many hard-to-reach places under them that can only be reached with an irrigator.

Now about the irrigator Dr. Bei. It has 3 modes.Delicate treatment for sensitive teeth. Massage mode, if you want to get rid of bleeding gums, the water lends itself to soft pulsations. Cleaning mode is the most powerful mode for deep cleaning.

The irrigator is very compact - the water tank slides down and becomes 180 ml (see photo). The device is charged via Micro USB. Charging is enough for 30 days (1 minute once a day)