LENOVO Legion 5 15ARH05 15.6 ″ laptop, IPS, Ryzen 5 4600H, 8GB, 256GB SSD, GTX 1650 for 58,990 rubles (anywhere from 64,290 rubles).

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From the reviews: "Top laptop, everything flies!The choice was in this price between the third gaming and this model, but the first one writes about the sadness with the screen matrix (soap pier). Everything is on top here, only soapy torrent, the rest is fantastic. Color rendering is something. You look at the screen under any side and see everything. As for the hardware on the sites, they wrote that the hunix operative in it, in fact, is a kingston, but in the program you can verify this without disassembling. Under the second SSD, the bolt is already screwed into the board, which pleases. HDD will not fit here, if you start to delve into the analysis, then you will understand the difference in batteries (here 80, as stated). By the way, it keeps the charge incredibly long. In quiet mode, you can't hear how it works at all. In games, it makes noise, but not prohibitively, tolerable. There is no hum in the headphones at all. It is a pleasure to press the keys. There is a mode of the FN key that is always on, so you don't have to pull your fingers apart every time to turn down the brightness or sound. The main disadvantage is the touchpad. Luftite is very unpleasant. Overall happy. "
LENOVO Legion 5 Laptop 15ARH05 15.6