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Feedback on 3-axis stabilizer BASEUS BC-01:

In a nutshell - a good thing, high quality, works flawlessly.

We all know this brand. Therefore, when I needed a stabilizer, I ordered it from them. Despite the fact that this, as I understand it, is their first such device.

Packed well, delivered quickly.
But in general, the stabilizer itself is in a foam (or something like that) case. So no matter how they packed it, it would still have arrived whole, most likely. I keep it in the same case and translate it.

As the title suggests, this miracle has 3 separate motors. Each of which supports the phone / fotik in a certain plane. And in general, these motors do a good job.

With GoPro, of course, this device would copebetter, but what we have. I took it under another phone (small Huawei). Now Samsung. It's bigger and heavier. Therefore, it is definitely necessary to attach the counterweight that comes with the kit. And another important nuance - if the phone is large, it is better to pull it out of the case, because the depth of the sponges that hold it are not very large.

How the stabilizer manages, you can look atattached vidos. I shot simultaneously on two almost identical phones (with the internal stabilization turned off). In one hand, just a phone, in the other - inserted into the stub. The result is quite eloquent, as for me.

The phone is connected to the stabilizer viashooting app from Baseus. Nothing special, just an app, another camera. But there are cool features. For example, you can mount the stabilizer on a tripod (there is a mounting hole at the bottom of the handle), set tracking for an object or a person's face, and the stub will spin back and forth on its own, following the target.

You can also shoot a great smooth panorama. But it is also better with a tripod.

There are 2 buttons - on / off and start / stop. A short press on / off changes the operating modes of the motors.
There is a joystick. Well, everything is clear here - up, down, left, right.
On the side is a wheel. Depending on the setting, it can either Zoom + / Zoom- or move one of the motors to change the position up / down.
There is a trigger. Can fix one position while driving. It's hard even to describe))

If you do not start shooting for a long time, the stub turns offmotors and starts to squeak. At this moment, you need to be very careful. Disabled motors no longer hold anything and everything sinks down under the influence of gravity)) You can damage the phone. So be careful!
Also, the stub starts to beep if one of the motors does not cope (if, for example, you do not stick a counterweight and stick in a heavy phone). Rumor has it that in such a situation, the motor may even burn out.

The platform for the camera rotates, so you can shoot both vertical and horizontal vidos.

Charged by micro-USB. Wire included (wire only).

The stabilizer weighs a little over half a kilogram and does not generally give the impression of a Chinese slag. Everything is of high quality, odorless, no backlash.

Output. If you need to shoot dynamic scenes, I recommend it as much as possible. The thing is really not omnipotent, it must be understood. And in general, it is worth a decent amount of practice so that everything works out well.
And by the way, Baseus has already released a second stabilizer model. I don't know what she is, but she looks good)