Men's smart watches: 10 interesting models with a round AMOLED display from AliExpress

A smart watch is not only a useful gadget, but also a stylish one.
an accessory that will help you organize your working day, will monitor the indicators
your health and help you exercise more effectively. In addition, you
you can make and receive calls. In this case, you will not need to keep
hand phone. There are currently a huge number of
different models, in which even a knowledgeable person can easily get confused. To choose
you need a smart watch based on your lifestyle, and when choosing, do not forget that
The watch will always be on your wrist. For example, if you love
hiking or are seriously involved in sports, then you better choose a model with
with a metal case, and for those who love running and fitness with a plastic one. To help
to you with the choice of a reliable and functional model today I have prepared a selection of 10
smart watch with a round AMOLED display that will become your reliable assistant.
All models shown below have similar characteristics and good quality,
so everyone can choose the right model for themselves.

1. HONOR Watch GS 3

Great new smartwatch from HONOR which is verylook spectacular on the hand. The watch is equipped with a large curved AMOLED screen, built-in memory and a microphone. They boast a good battery life (14 days) and more advanced sensors for measuring heart rate and oxygen in the blood. The case in this model is made of stainless steel, the strap is classic. The model has NFC with the corresponding pre-installed application for your bank cards, which allows you to make contactless payments directly from the watch. To increase security during purchases, it is possible to set a password.

2. Zepp Z

Premium smart watch with leather brownstrap and battery life up to 15 days are perfect for any occasion and for any style of clothing. The watch is made from quality materials. Moisture protection corresponds to the 5 ATM standard. It uses its own operating system to work. In addition, they provide an advanced system for tracking the performance of the body using AI and biometric data technology. The watch supports monitoring of blood oxygen levels. There are several types of activity and interchangeable watch faces. The use of GPS and GLONASS systems allows you to more accurately determine the location, track the exact route, for example, after a run.


Quality smartwatch with round AMOLED displayand a bright sports strap made of hypoallergenic TPU will look great on a man's hand. The case is powerful with a metal rim and reliable protection against moisture and dust (IP68), which allows you to use the gadget even in extreme conditions. The watch has GPS and GLONASS, about 100 training modes, intelligent control and a notification system. Claimed autonomy of 2 weeks. In general, a light and comfortable watch with a good range of popular features and the necessary sensors for monitoring health indicators, which only need to be removed occasionally for recharging.

4. TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra

Another decent smartwatch option with a cooldesign and two displays (monochrome FSTN and Super AMOLED). The case is made of stainless steel, has protection according to the military grade MIL-STD-810G with IP68. Therefore, the watch is not afraid of shocks, falls and immersion in water. There is support for the Google Pay contactless payment function using NFC. Therefore, you will not need to get a bank card at the checkout in the store. The built-in microphone and speaker allow you to talk without taking your phone out of your pocket, as well as record and listen to voice messages. However, it should be borne in mind that the conversation will be on the speakerphone. The watch monitors stress levels, SpO2 and other health indicators. There is a voice assistant that will remind you of the upcoming event in time and make the necessary appointment. In practice, the autonomy of work in normal mode when using two displays is about 3-4 days, and if you use only the AMOLED display, then up to 2 days.

5.T-Rex 2

New indestructible smart watch with fashion-settingdesign that can work on a single charge in normal mode up to 24 days, and if you activate the special “watch only” mode, then the autonomy of work will immediately increase to 45 days. The display, as in previous AMOLED models, the case is durable waterproof, has 15 military protection certificates. The watch supports Beidou, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS. In addition, they can track up to 150 types of sports training with smart recognition of strength training, as well as various health indicators.

6. Amazfit GTR 3 Pro

Lightweight and stylish smart watch with classicdesign and decent feature set. The body is round in shape, the AMOLED display is covered with durable glass with curved edges. They run Zepp OS, which provides not only good battery life (from 6 to 30 days depending on the nature of use), but also the ability to run third-party applications. The watch is equipped with BioTracker 3.0 PPG sensor, which provides tracking of health indicators. There is good navigation, more than 150 sports activities from football to e-sports, as well as a new comprehensive measurement mode that collects data on heart rate, stress level, oxygen, and breathing rhythm in just 45 seconds.

7. Xiaomi Mi Watch Color Sport

Contemporary watch with versatile design forpeople with an active lifestyle. They have a secure fit and a comfortable strap. Their main feature is a large selection of sports activities (about 117). Using the watch is very convenient, since all the necessary information about health indicators, including the level of oxygen in the blood and the type of activity, is displayed on a large display. Therefore, during sports or a simple walk, the user will always be aware of their achievements and health status. In addition, the watch has more than 120 interchangeable dials to choose from, there is support for navigation systems to build a route. Another plus of the watch is the autonomy of work, which in normal mode is 16 days. In general, quite functional and decent model for the money.

8 One Plus

Quite a decent smart watch that is greatcombine minimalist design and modern technology. The main focus of the watch is sports and health. To do this, they are equipped with all the necessary features, including sensors for monitoring and measuring SpO2, blood pressure and other indicators. In addition, the watch has more than 110 sports modes with automatic activity recognition. Thanks to the built-in GPS and GLONASS, the watch determines the location more accurately, it is possible to build walking routes, and even find nearby cafes and restaurants. In the menu you can find interchangeable dials. Yes, there are not many of them, but everyone can choose something special for themselves. Therefore, both sports fans and ordinary users will not be disappointed if they buy this model. The manufacturer claims 14 days of battery life, although in practice it turns out 10 days, which is not a bad result for smartwatches.

9. Huawei GT 3

Proven smartwatch model that not onlylooks expensive but also has a decent feature set. It boasts autonomy of up to two weeks. The watch fits perfectly on the hand. They run their own OS HarmonyOS. Like previous models, they can monitor SpO2 and other indicators around the clock. They also have location tracking: GPS and GLONASS with a return route function, and built-in Bluetooth and NFC modules, although the latter is only for Huawei Pay. The presence of a microphone and speaker allows you to talk through the clock on the speakerphone, as well as listen to music during a workout without using a smartphone. If necessary, you can upload contacts and view call history.

10. Xiaomi Mi Watch S1

New inexpensive and attractive smart watch,which are able to control non-professional sports and work on a single charge for a week or even more. The watch has Xiaomi Pay contactless payment systems with support for Mastercard cards. For efficient navigation, the watch uses as many as 5 navigation systems. There are also sensors for measuring heart rate, blood oxygen, pressure and sleep. The watch can automatically recognize and track activity. They have 117 sports modes, 19 of which display real-time metrics. In general, an excellent novelty with convenient control and quite stable operation.

That's all.The selection featured some of the most popular smartwatch models that can be purchased right now on AliExpress at a good price and delivery at the expense of the seller. All successful shopping.