Nandme sonic toothbrushes are on sale for Black Friday. Hurry up to buy

It is necessary, it is necessary to wash in the mornings and evenings, used to saypoet Chukovsky through the mouth of the famous Moidodyr, for some reason without mentioning the obligatory brushing of teeth. Most likely, he simply did not know about the existence of modern electric toothbrushes, which are inexpensive and oral hygiene support at the highest level. But lately this market has grown so much that many, and not just Moidodyr and Chukovsky, simply don’t know which brush to buy. After all, at first glance, they are all the same, but in fact they offer a completely unique set of functions.

Nandme sonic toothbrushes are on sale for Black Friday. Better buy. Sonic toothbrushes are safer and more effective than mechanical ones. A photo.

Sonic toothbrushes are safer and more effective than mechanical ones


Which toothbrush is best

Despite the fact that modern toothbrushes all as one are powered by electricity, the principletheir work often does not coincide at all. Basically, it is customary to distinguish two types of brushes: mechanical with a movable cleaning head and sonic, which act on pollution by sound vibrations. Sonic brushes considered more reliable and secure.

Reliable, because in their design there is simply nothing to break. And safe, because they, unlike mechanical brushes, have a more gentle effect on tooth enamelwithout damaging it, and do not cause bleedinggums. Oddly enough, but for some reason not so many manufacturers make such brushes. A-brands prefer to do things the old fashioned way, but cutting-edge companies have come a long way. For example, Nandmewith plenty to choose from.

Inexpensive electric toothbrush

Inexpensive electric toothbrush. An inexpensive and high-quality toothbrush is about the Nandme NX7000. A photo.

Inexpensive and high-quality toothbrush - this is about Nandme NX7000

- This is the cheapest sonic brush in the manufacturer's lineup. Despite this, it has more than enough advantages:

  • autonomy - 365 days. This brush should be connected to the outlet no more than once a year. The rest of the time it can work without additional recharging.
  • The brush is equipped with a high-performance Maglev motor with up to 41,000 vibrations per minute, effectively, but at the same time gently acting on the teeth and removing plaque and other contaminants from them.
  • The high oscillation frequency allows the brush create a fine foam from toothpaste, which not only better envelops the enamel, but also contributes to its better cleansing.
  • Brush settings provided 5 operating modes: standard cleaning, sensitive, polishing, massage, whitening.

By the way, the name of the motor that is used inNandme NX7000 - Maglev - repeats the name of the famous Chinese maglev train. It is possible that similar technological solutions are used in their production.

At the Black Friday sale Nandme NX7000 toothbrush can if apply promo code BMS7OW3. Not so cheap, you say.A three-year warranty and as many as 12 interchangeable nozzles in the kit, I will answer you. If you change them at least once every 3 months, you will have enough of them for the same 3 years during which the manufacturer's warranty applies to the brush. And if something happens to it, you can record a confirmation video and they just send you a new sample for free.

sonic toothbrush

Sonic toothbrush. Nandme NX8000 has a vertical charging cradle. A photo.

Nandme NX8000 has a vertical charging cradle

is a more advanced model than the NX7000. Its key advantage is the ability to intelligently track the effectiveness of brushing your teeth. It has a built-in sensors that recognize the force of impactthat you put on tooth enamel. If there is not enough effort or, on the contrary, you press too hard, the brush will signal this.

Otherwise, it's almost the same NX7000:

  • Motor with a frequency of 41,000 vibrations per minute;
  • Creation of fine foam for enveloping and better cleaning of teeth;
  • IPX7 water resistant;
  • 5 modes of operation and 3 degrees of intensity.

Together with Nandme NX8000 12 nozzles are also supplied, which is enough for 3years of continuous use, subject to replacement every 3 months. But, unlike the Nandme NX7000, the more advanced model does not leave a replacement on your conscience, but signals the need to install a new cleaning head. Thus, it is possible to achieve more competent care of the oral cavity, since bacteria also develop on the bristles, and if the nozzle is not replaced in time, brushing the teeth has the opposite effect. And on the sale in honor of Black Friday you will have a chance if apply promo code M0EV03...

Best Nandme Toothbrush

- the most advanced toothbrush in the linea manufacturer that positions it as a model exclusively for men. Therefore, the body of the product is not made of rubberized plastic or polycarbonate, but of aircraft-grade aluminum, which is resistant to corrosion and rust. However, the premium performance on the outside is not the only advantage of the brush.

The best Nandme toothbrush. There is simply no better toothbrush than this. A photo.

There is simply no better toothbrush than this

While creating the developers went even further and provided the brush with a wide range of sensors that monitor not only the pressure that you exert on your teeth during brushing, but also measure the effectiveness of brushing. The brush itself understands, which segment you have already cleaned and which not, and also measures the time it takes for high-quality cleaning of tooth enamel, giving a signal when you need to switch to another zone.

In addition to sound indication, the brush has its own LCD screen, which clearly demonstrates information aboutbrushing time, mode used, and remaining battery life. So the discharge of the brush will not come as a surprise to you. Thanks to the display, you will know about it in advance and will be able to recharge it in time using the included power adapter.

Nandme NX9000 is equipped with a slightly weaker version motor that produces 36,000 vibrations per minute, but such a slight reduction in powerallowed to make the brush much quieter than its counterparts. The noise from its work does not exceed 45 dB, which can be compared with a quiet conversation of a nearby person, which means that it will not deafen you while brushing your teeth.

Together with Nandme NX9000 also come with 12 interchangeable nozzles, whichit is recommended to change every 3 months, as well as a three-year warranty service. During the entire period, you can get a replacement brush absolutely free of charge, if during use it fails through no fault of yours. And at the Black Friday sale, you than usual, by as much as 1000 rubles.