Note to fathers. Diapers at a good price

Generous offers on Merries from tmall with a price800 RUB no longer, now the most profitable for them is 1179 rubles. (we use the promo code GIFTWEEK100 or Alistallions100aug), but we could not find cheaper in other stores

Sizes are all there, you can easily find, for example, a couple of links

Diaper panties size M
diapers size L

Another advantageous offer on Merries appeared here

2052 RUB for 88 pcs. with promo code AUGTOY1500, size L only

The quality is praised, the delivery is free. C Tmall delivers quickly, to the point of issue.

Still seemingly good reviews of Yokosun podguz
There are good promotions in the official store on Tmall

For example, Yokosun panties diapers, size L, (9-14 kg), 44 pcs for 747 rubles. with promo code AGSP400

Other promo codes
AGSP100 - 100/235 rubles.
AGSP150 - 150/370 rubles.
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AGSP400 - 400/1000 rubles.
AGSP500 - RUB 500/1100
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Note to fathers. Diapers at a good price0
Note to fathers. Diapers at a good price1
Note to fathers. Diapers at a good price2