Preparing for Black Friday on AliExpress: discounts, useful sections and a fresh selection of products


The Black Friday sale starts today on AliExpress and will last until November 29th. These days you will be able to purchase the goods you are interested in with a discount of up to 70%.

Now one of the largest online stores is warming up, which means that it's time to remember the offers that you did not have time to purchase on 11.11 and add them to your cart.

Like last time, AliExpress has created a handy list of discount sections, breaking them down into categories:

Well, as usual, we have collected several useful products as a weekly selection.


A case with a SATA 2.5 to USB 3.0 adapter made of high-quality plastic is suitable for HDD and SSD-format hard drives and is useful for transferring large amounts of information.

From reviews: fast delivery. The case is made of plastic, there is no backlash, the hard drive sits tightly, it gives out the declared speeds. I recommend to buy.


A gaming keyboard with bright RGB backlighting will save space on your desktop, and the mechanical type of keys will delight you with a soft touch.

From reviews: very beautiful! Exceeded all expectations. Pleasant to print. customize hotkeys to your liking. The RGB strips are on the side. Very happy with the purchase.


Set of two radios. The device works at a distance of up to 3 km. The seller has several configuration options to choose from.

From reviews: So far I have not driven them much, but at 500m in conditionsurban development tried, work. The seller promptly sends configuration software by mail upon request. But if you search, in one of the foreign videos on YouTube, the author in the description gives a link to download software from the cloud. The software version is the same as the seller sent). The stations are miniature, light, lie well in the hand. The body fits well, everything is tight, without backlash, squeaks.


Polishing your car to a shine will be much easier thanks to a portable polishing machine, and the wireless system will save you the hassle of cables and network connection.

From reviews: awesome stuff. Everything is working.Two speed modes. The order came in like a rocket. The most convenient machine, there are no all these wires and hoses. There are 3 polishing pads in the set, I definitely recommend it. From the first impression I am delighted.


This inexpensive option is perfect for an active lifestyle. Listen to your favorite music while you run without worrying about losing your headphones during your workout.

From reviews: very good in the budget segment of sportsheadphones. Surprisingly, there is some kind of noise reduction and you can talk in general. Bass is also present. They sit well, carpenter. Do not strive to fall out when running. Comfortable.


High-speed SSD storage from a trusted brand will allow you to quickly transfer large amounts of information or run games and applications that require ultra-fast data processing.

From reviews: I own the same 120 GB SSD and have been on it for 4 yearsthe system flies perfectly, and some relatives have 120 GB, others have 240 GB the same SSD for 4 years already and also work fine. So in terms of price-quality, I consider these SSDs to be the best.

Don't forget to check for coupons andpromo codes from sellers. Thus, you can further reduce the price tag on selected products. You can find all our other collections of interesting and functional pieces by the tag ...