Rotating Electric Stand with AliExpress

Many people try to submit their layouts,blanks, crafts and other work in the best possible way. For these purposes, there are various presentation products. An electric rotating stand that can be bought on Aliexpress allows the user to take photos and videos from all sides. In this review, you will see the unboxing and test of one popular model

Rotating Electric Stand with AliExpress

Price on the website: from 1386r

Overall rating: 4.6

This multifunctional rotating stand is made of high quality plastic. Model diameter 220 mm, height 40 mm. Supplied in a box with the possibility of delivery from Russia.

Rotating Electric Stand with AliExpressRack with boxRotating Electric Stand with AliExpressStand size compared to palm

The rack is powered by the mains.Rotates in two directions, sides change via a push-button switch. The rotation speed is 30 seconds per circle. The noise level is small, but present. The maximum load is 5 kilograms.

Rotating Electric Stand with AliExpressSocket plug and push button switch

The model is perfect for demonstrationjewelry, watches, cosmetics, toys, figurines, food and more. Products of light weight and size can be displayed in several pieces at the same time.

Rotating Electric Stand with AliExpressDemonstration of several products at once

Having tested the device, we can note thatthis revolving stand deservedly has a high rating on Aliexpress. Demonstration of goods with it is much more interesting, especially in slow video mode. Also, the small size will allow you to use the stand along with photo boxes to create a clear background. Below we offer you our video review of the model. We hope that the information provided has given you new knowledge and helped you make your choice. We wish you a happy shopping!