Sliding door hardware kit

From reviews:"A wonderful set for sliding doors, I am very satisfied. In Leroy, in St. Petersburg, the cheapest option is for a little more than 7000 r and not such a nice and strong set, everything is fine right there. The seller sent everything quickly, straight with lightning speed, but the first time to me not delivered because of the 5POST company (this is delivery from the crossroads and pyaterochka), scolded with delivery scary, in the end it turned out that the goods did not fit them in size - more than 6.5 kg and 1.7 meters long. , he sent again, but already IML - and oh, miracle! - 4 days and everything is with me, just in time. General bow to the seller: contact, offers options and goods for 5. All components are in place, everything is neatly packed in a cardboard box - chic ".
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