The best thin iPhone cases from Aliexpress

Not so long ago we published an article "".This topic caused a serious resonance not only among readers, but also among my colleagues - many considered thin iPhone cases to be a good option, but the question of choice arose. In hot pursuit, we decided to pick up for you the best cases in which the smartphone will look natural, but at the same time nothing will threaten its safety: the selection includes both inexpensive accessories and those that are more expensive. In general, for every taste and budget. Go!

Picked up thin unusual cases for your iPhone


Ultra-thin low-cost case

The most accessible representative of our selection.Why is it worth buying? It is thin and durable. You can buy several of these at once to change from time to time. So to speak, according to the mood. Cheap doesn't mean bad. You can wear your iPhone in it for a long time, and there will be no marks left on the smartphone body - this is one of the main problems of inexpensive cases. There are not many reviews, but buyers rated the accessory 5 stars. The case is available for all iPhone models.

Cool inexpensive covers - you should buy immediately in different colors, according to your mood

Price: 66 rubles

Slim original case

This cover is the most non-standard option!Just take a look - there are cases stylized as game joysticks, Tetris and even an audio cassette! If you're tired of wearing your iPhone in monochromatic accessories, then you should try to get this one. Read the comments - the product is really worthy, and the seller has an accessory available for any iPhone.

The cover is just the bomb! The choice is in the form of a cassette, joystick, tetris and others

Price: 95 rubles

Bright matte case

This case is for those who love bright unusualaccessories - there are several colors to choose from. A great option to wear and not deny yourself anything - the phone is completely safe thanks to high-quality polycarbonate, and the coating resists unpleasant stains longer - in the worst case, they can easily be washed off with a regular napkin. Another plus: the coating is made so that the phone does not slip. Choose this case for any iPhone model!

Vibrant matte is a great choice for iPhone

Price: 98 rubles

What else to spend on:

Baseus ultra-thin case

To be honest, I love Baseus for all their products.— it is always excellent quality and ergonomics. In this collection - another accessory for the iPhone at an affordable price. For 98 rubles you get a thin shockproof case in which the smartphone will be convenient to use. Keep in mind that we only have cases for all iPhone 11 models in stock!

Baseus is good at quality - the case will serve you for a long time and protect your smartphone

Price: 98 rubles

Matte SmartDevil Flexible Case

SmartDevil offers a great solution - softmatte cover with a small thickness. First, it is convenient and practical. Secondly, excellent quality, which is confirmed by buyers in reviews (there are just about a thousand of them). Thirdly, in such a case, the smartphone will not heat up. What is not a reason to buy on the iPhone 11 and 12?

Case from SmartDevil is another great solution for your smartphone

Price: 360 rubles

Cafele matte slim case in different colors

Congratulations!A new manufacturer of accessories Cafele has been unlocked - judging by the reviews, the quality is really top. The thickness of the case is just the right amount to keep the iPhone comfortable. Definitely worth a try, especially since there are different colors to choose from. Only for iPhone 12.

This is really a thin case with a nice texture! We take?

Price: 380 rubles

Rough Nillkin Case

When the Nillkin iPhone case costs only 580rubles is a sign that you need to take it. I think it’s not even worth talking about the quality of the accessory - this has already been said in the reviews. Complete with a cover, the manufacturer usually puts a protective glass - for such money this is a super deal! Urgently add to cart! The seller has cases for iPhone 8, XS and XS Max in stock.

This case has a very pleasant texture - it is very pleasant to touch such an accessory.

Price: 580 rubles

Practical plain X-Level case

Case for those who just want to useiPhone and don't get overwhelmed by the choice of color - there is only black. But he looks really cool. A small edge around the perimeter of the camera unit will protect it from scratches and bumps - save on repairs. In the right corner is a small inscription "Designed by X-Level", which adorns the case. In general, what you need for every day. There are options for all iPhone 12.

X-Level has plain cases - for lovers of the classics

Price: 800 rubles

Cool selection:

Best Nillkin iPhone Case

Another thin yet durable case from Nillkin.A great accessory for those who are looking for a top value for their money. Read the reviews, if you don’t believe me, they praise both the case and the seller. I had such a case and I didn’t want to take it off from the word “absolutely”. Delivered very quickly. There are models for everyone 11, 12 and XR. Is your device not listed? drop by — there are cool collections of accessories for the iPhone!

In my opinion, Nillkin are the best smartphone cases in the world.

Price: 800 rubles

Benks Top Shockproof Case

The best and most expensive case from Benks from ourcollections. Yes, 1100 rubles, but it's worth it. The bezel around the perimeter of the case provides drop protection, while the rough texture provides protection against drops. It is difficult to stain it, but if you succeed, take a regular damp cloth and wipe off the dirt. Your iPhone will look very cool and natural in such a case! Can only be selected on iPhone 12. What's the most expensive case you've had? Share your experience ...

Benks cases cost a lot, but this accessory has an excellent rating with reviews.

Price: 1150 rubles

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