Today is the last day of the sale (all activities and promotional codes will stop working tomorrow at 10:00 Moscow time)

1. There are no big changes in promotional codes. Unless a few promotional codes have run out.

100/1000 rubles: GIFTWEEK100 and Alistallions100aug
200/1600 rub: HandmadeGuru200
200/2000 rub: GIFTWEEK200
300/2400 rub: Alistallions300aug
350/2800 rub: zozi350aug
450/3700 ​​rub: DARIM
400/4500 rub: GIFTWEEK400
650/6600 rub: GIFTWEEK650
890/7500 rub: PODARIM
1000/11000 rub: GIFTWEEK1000
1700/20000 rub: GIFTWEEK1700
2400/32000 rub: GIFTWEEK2400
3500/60000 rub: GIFTWEEK3500
GIFTWEEK promo codes can be conveniently copied from here:

Promo codes 300/2000 rubles for Moldova, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia (by the name of the promo you can guess which one for which country):

350/2800 rub: Alistallions350new
700/6000 rub: Alistallions700

Promo code for beginners (for the first order on Ali, only through the mobile app):
For RF and CIS:
250/500 rub: 250LOVEnew

Promo code for those who have not made an order for more than six months:
500/1000 rub: OLDY4444

2. I will also remind you about the promotion from Ali and Visa with a discount of 250/450 rubles, it is valid for the Russian Federation (but I still do not understand, is it only for beginners or not?)
Go to this page -

3. Also today it will be possible to open the last, fifth level of Aliboxes:

Who will open, share what will come across there?

4. Subscribers often write asking which products are eligible for the 1000/2000 game coupon from the last sale.
He is on the favorites, but the principle of where to look for this is not entirely clear. At least it should apply to many products from here:

5. Let me also remind you about the action 2 = 3:
Products, household chemicals, food for your pets with delivery from the Russian Federation.
Here the action is interesting because it is not a classic2 = 3, but rather a 33% discount when buying FROM 3 pcs. Those. if you add another 4th, etc. goods, each will have a 33% discount. Thus, you can customize products for the desired promotional code for maximum savings.
Today is the last day of the sale (all activities and promotional codes will stop working tomorrow at 10:00 Moscow time) 0