TOP 5 Accurate Measuring Spoons from AliExpress

For perfect results in the kitchenit is necessary to have an accurate balance or another measuring device known to many - this is a measuring spoon. You will need it to measure bulk and liquid products.

Spoon scales are a relatively new gadget.Outwardly, it looks like an ordinary plastic spoon. Unlike the cutlery known to many, the measuring spoon, which you can buy on Aliexpress, has a thick handle. Inside it are batteries and microbalances that allow weighing.

Weighing spoon Belr-Housewares

Price from 376.83

Seller reliability: excellent!

The electronic measuring spoon will help you accuratelydose products when preparing new dishes. Available in two colors - white and black. The design of the spoons is minimalistic. The handle contains a led screen and buttons for control. The screen is small but easy to read. All useful information is clearly visible. The measuring spoon has a comfortable shape. The handle of the spoon at the end is noticeably thicker, due to the presence of a battery inside it, from which the electronic scales work. The removable bowl of the gadget allows for easy cleaning and rinsing. The size of the spoon is 23 * 3 cm. In the kitchen you simply cannot do without such an assistant!

TOP 5 Accurate Measuring Spoons from AliExpress1

Ordered on January 15, 2021 received on January 25, 2021. excellent scales for accurate weighing. Today I made a sample for tincture. Everything is super. description correspondence, battery included. I recommend to everyone .


TOP 5 Accurate Measuring Spoons from AliExpress2

I received the order, is working, shows the weight. Battery included. It came in handy.

Forever Young

TOP 5 Accurate Measuring Spoons from AliExpress3

10 stars that's what I understand service. Ordered 20.01 came 12.02 Packed perfectly, the box is not wrinkled, there is no damage even as a gift, there is a battery. The spoon is exactly the same as in the description. I recommend the seller and the product. Many thanks. I put the battery as it works.


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Measuring spoon WFGOGO

Price from 716.58

Seller reliability: excellent!

This electronic measuring spoon is made ofof stainless steel. It is compact and takes up little space. Available in silver color. This model is designed for weighing ingredients weighing no more than 30 grams. The body of the spoon is plastic, the top panel is covered with metal. The construction is solid and sturdy. The size of the spoon is 22.5 * 5.8 cm. The weighing bowl has a size of 7 * 5.8 cm, its depth is 1.5 cm. The liquid crystal display built into the handle is informative, it has a low battery indicator. Buyers appreciate the accuracy of measurements and functionality in this gadget. The measuring spoon is powered by 2 AAA batteries. They are not included in the package.

TOP 5 Accurate Measuring Spoons from AliExpress5

Thank you seller:quickly processed the order, quickly dispatched, packed well, the track and parcel number was tracked! The scale-spoon is good, it is convenient to weigh small portions of loose and pouring substances, the control of the scales is push-button, my wife liked it. Fast delivery: 12/29/2020. ordered, 01/18/2021. received.


TOP 5 Accurate Measuring Spoons from AliExpress6

The order came from China in three weeks, taking into account the Chinese New Year, quite quickly. The box is almost incomprehensible, the spoon runs on two AAA batteries, quite accurately. I recommend the seller!


TOP 5 Accurate Measuring Spoons from AliExpress7

Delivery to Yekaterinburg, 25 days. Arrived intact, no complaints about the packaging. Works great.


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Electronic measuring spoon KETOTEK

Price from 653.02

Seller reliability: excellent!

The maximum weight of the product to be weighed ismeasuring spoon is 0.05 kilograms. The device can be purchased in black and gray. The bowl of the spoon is made in black, and the body is painted in a gray shade. There is a hole at the end of the base for easy hanging storage. There are three keys on the spoon body. They are necessary for control - for changing the weighing mode, switching off, zeroing and the function of blocking the current weight indicator. The size of the device is 22.8 * 15.6 cm. The size of the bowl is 6.5 * 5 cm. The scale spoon is powered by 2 AAA batteries. They are not included in the package.

TOP 5 Accurate Measuring Spoons from AliExpress9

It came in 16 days, which is very fast for our hole. The quality is good, it looks solid. Powered by two AAA cells (not included). For the kitchen it is the most!


TOP 5 Accurate Measuring Spoons from AliExpress10

The package arrived very quickly. Thanks to the seller. I advise.


TOP 5 Accurate Measuring Spoons from AliExpress11

Everything came quickly! I am very glad! Thank you!


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Leeseph Measuring Spoon Set

Price from 528.17

Seller reliability: excellent!

A set of measuring spoons will always come in handy in the kitchen.You have the opportunity to order sets of 6 to 11 pieces. Each spoon is labeled ml (milliliters) and tbsp (table spoon). The spoons are convenient to store, they can be easily nested into each other, which means they will not take up much space. The spoons are made of stainless steel. They are beautiful and durable.

TOP 5 Accurate Measuring Spoons from AliExpress13

Came fast enough. Received through DPD.There are no complaints about the packaging. A box in a strict, simple but pleasant design, I would even say beautiful and attractive. The spoons themselves, as if they had just been carved in the garage by Uncle Vasya. Without any final sanding, a lot of roughness. Otherwise, everything is fine, the thickness is moderate. For neat home use, just what you need.


TOP 5 Accurate Measuring Spoons from AliExpress14

Great spoons, great stamping. The handle is flush with the sphere - it is convenient to remove excess. carabiner included. The set for 9 pieces contains all the required volumes. I use it in my work.

Spik [er]

TOP 5 Accurate Measuring Spoons from AliExpress15

The package arrived in 3 weeks. The package is a regular package. The spoons are packed in a branded box. They are fastened with a screed so that it does not rattle or scratch. Made with high quality.

black coffe

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Joseph Measuring Spoons

Price from 1418,00

Seller reliability: excellent!

Another chic set of classic measuring spoons.They are produced from dense plastic of different colors. The set consists of 8 spoons of different capacities ranging from 1.25 ml to 250 ml. It is very convenient to store them, they fold perfectly into each other. This means they will not take up much space in the kitchen. If you still measure ingredients by eye when cooking, then be sure to get such a set.

TOP 5 Accurate Measuring Spoons from AliExpress17

The plastic is of high quality, I am satisfied with the product. Order on 7.03., Received on 6.04. Alt. edge. There was no communication with the seller.


TOP 5 Accurate Measuring Spoons from AliExpress18

They are perfect, they look good. Well packed. I'm pleased with the purchase.

My life

TOP 5 Accurate Measuring Spoons from AliExpress19

The spoons look solid. They come in handy in the kitchen. Recommended for purchase.

Fairy O'Really

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