TOP-5 among the best budget car care products with ALIEXPRESS

To keep the interior and exterior of the car in perfect condition, it is necessary to use special means.

The car body is covered with a specialpolish, it becomes more well-groomed, resistant to wear and without visible scratches. In our today's selection you can find car polish, liquid glass and other useful car care products.

Ceramic coating Dpro DF-100

Price from 1058.25

Seller reliability: excellent!

This auto chemistry is sold in vials with a volume of100 ml The kit includes a spray bottle that can be inserted into the bottle after removing the cap and a microfiber polishing cloth. Liquid glass has a fairly high strength, dries in just 5-10 minutes. The composition of the bottle is colorless, creates a transparent nano-coating. The effect lasts for about 2 months. The advantages of the polish are as follows: antistatic effect; non-toxicity, harmlessness; reliable hydrophobization of the body; protection from ultraviolet radiation, acids, chemicals, weather factors; prevention of early aging of the coating; anti-snow effect. The manufacturer does not recommend using the polish in direct sunlight.

TOP-5 among the best budget car care products with ALIEXPRESS1

Goods arrived. I haven't tried it yet. Delivery is normal, nothing is broken.


TOP-5 among the best budget car care products with ALIEXPRESS2

Norm thing, we will take more. Perfectly packed, arrived quickly, the polish smells good. Recommended.


TOP-5 among the best budget car care products with ALIEXPRESS3

It was delivered to Torzhok in 34 days. Packaged in a hard password, very secure. Everything is whole. I advise the product and the seller.

My life

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Rising Star liquid glass (100 ml)

Price from 3123.23

Seller reliability: excellent!

This is a great set of budget liquid glass fromfamous Chinese manufacturer of car care products Rising Star. Liquid glass RS-A-CC01 is sold in a 100 ml bottle, it comes with 4 sponges, 2 microfiber wipes and a spray bottle. The presence of instructions in Russian is very cool. With her, you will be able to do everything competently. After application, the surface is scratch and abrasion resistant. Coating thickness: 20-30 microns. A good hydrophobic effect is ensured. After observing all the rules of application, let it dry within 48 hours.

TOP-5 among the best budget car care products with ALIEXPRESS5

Very good product, complete instructions for use. I definitely recommend it. Long delivery.

Angry cookie

TOP-5 among the best budget car care products with ALIEXPRESS6

A very good tool, everything is as described.Time consuming to apply, you need to apply in small areas, dries instantly, you need to sweat while rubbing. The good guy will write and remind the seller. The car must be polished as expected, then the effect will be.


TOP-5 among the best budget car care products with ALIEXPRESS7

I already order for the second car.I like it more than Hikari, which is almost 7 times more expensive (200 eur). If you don't rub the car with rags, then the effect persists even after 5 years, given that the runs are about 3 thousand per month and the wash is at least once a week.


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Cover for optics and transparent plastic Nano Hard Clear

Price from 890,00

Seller reliability: excellent!

Catch cover for optics and clear plasticNano Hard Clear. It restores transparency to the faded and yellowed transparent plastic parts of the car. Has a water-repellent effect. Creates a crystal smooth and transparent film, restoring the transparency of the surface, gives a brighter color to colored surfaces. Suitable for all parts made of transparent and transparent colored plastic. The duration of the effect is up to 6 months. Method of application: clean the surface from dirt, dry it. Then shake the bottle and use a sponge to apply a little of the product to the surface. After 1 min. wipe off streaks from the surface. After applying the product, do not rub the surface with a hard sponge. It takes 24 hours for the treated surface to dry, and 3-4 days for the film to completely harden.

TOP-5 among the best budget car care products with ALIEXPRESS9

Everything is in order, the goods have been delivered. I haven't had a chance to test the action yet, but I still recommend it.

black coffe

TOP-5 among the best budget car care products with ALIEXPRESS10

The package went on for over a month. The bottle came full. The details have turned back to white. The goods arrived intact.


TOP-5 among the best budget car care products with ALIEXPRESS11

The goods arrived quickly, they ordered not for the first time. Good remedy. An air freshener was included as a gift Thank you.


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Fusso Mirror Shine 9 Months

Price from 1450,00

Seller reliability: excellent!

Car body gloss coatingFusso Mirror Shine 9 Months. A distinctive feature of this coating is its unique mirror shine and ease of application. At the same time, Fusso Coat Mirror Shine will reliably protect the car body, like any Fusso product. Can also be applied to optics, wheels and metal parts. Gives a unique mirror shine. Protects the body from negative factors. Easy to apply, does not require polishing. Suitable for processing optics, wheels, metal and plastic (including unpainted) parts. The duration of the effect is up to 9 months. At the buyer's choice - Light Color - for light cars and Dark Color - for dark cars. Rinse dust off the machine with car shampoo or use a car wash before applying. For better adhesion, it is recommended to degrease the body surface. Do not apply polish to a heated case. Avoid working in direct sunlight. Then shake the bottle and use the included tissue paper to apply the polish to the car body. Use a polish that matches your car color! The polish is easy enough to apply! The surface does not need to be wiped or dried. A drop of polish with a diameter of 2 cm is enough to treat an area of ​​40x40 cm. A special protective coating is formed on the body. With repeated application of polish, the effect increases. In order for the coating to become durable, it must pass 24 hours after application. Do not use car detergents during this time (rain and water will not affect the effect of the polish). It is recommended to process the body in parts (hood, doors, etc.), observing the effect obtained. The durability of the coating depends on the operating conditions and the initial condition of the paintwork.

TOP-5 among the best budget car care products with ALIEXPRESS13

The parcel was sent by "pigeon mail", it has been 91 days since the start of tracking !!! But the most interesting thing is the whole! I can't check now.


TOP-5 among the best budget car care products with ALIEXPRESS14

It came in less than a month. Everything is as described and intact. I took two sets because I think it will not be enough for one car. We'll check everything as I do.


TOP-5 among the best budget car care products with ALIEXPRESS15

The order went a month to Essentuki. Stavropol Territory. Until they tried it, it's cold outside. Well packed. There was no need to communicate with the seller. Easy to apply. The effect met expectations.


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Coating anti-rain for glass Soft99 Glaco Large 04107

Price from 1395,00

Seller reliability: excellent!

Anti-rain water-repellent coating for glassSoft99 Glaco Large 04107. Gives the same properties to the finished surface as Glaco Roll On. Larger, economical packaging with increased polishing surface makes application easier and saves you time and money. Anti-rain imparts a strong water-repellent property. Works at speeds over 45 km / h. Prevents contamination. The enlarged applicator speeds up the surface treatment process. The comfortable grip makes it easy to apply in hard-to-reach areas. Used on front, rear, side windows and side mirrors. The duration of the effect is up to 3 months. Volume: 120 ml. The application method is simple. Clean the glass well from dirt, dust and grease. Unscrew the bottle cap to expose the polishing surface. Place the bottle against the glass with a felt surface and quickly apply the product in a circular motion with a radius of about 10 cm. Apply 2-3 layers of polish to the glass, rubbing thoroughly so that no drops appear. If you accidentally apply too much liquid and drops appear, do not leave them on the glass for a long time. After 5-10 minutes, dry the glass with a thoroughly wrung out towel. If the water-repellent effect is weak, turn on the wipers to the maximum frequency and repeat the application. Thus, the protective shell will become more reliable. After applying Glaco, avoid using strong glass degreasers. Use plain water to clean the glass.

TOP-5 among the best budget car care products with ALIEXPRESS17

Easy to apply, has a slight odor and absorbs water well. Persistent. I bought it on the advice of a friend.

Forever Young

ТОП-5 среди лучшей бюджетной автокосметики с ALIEXPRESS18

A very good quality. Excellent result. I bought 2 boxes at once. I recommend.

Spik [er]

TOP-5 among the best budget car care products with ALIEXPRESS19

I just got it. Everything is whole. Haven't used it yet. In the spring at the dacha I will test it.


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