TOP 5 Best Budget Shavers on AliExpress

For daily stubble care for mena faithful assistant is needed - a razor. Some prefer to use electric, others in the form of a machine, a la gillette. Both options handle the toughest stubble with ease.

Before you buy a razor, look through our "five", it contains the most popular models from Aliexpress with customer reviews.

DORCO Pace 6 Shaver

Price from 1152.40

Seller reliability: excellent!

DORCO Pace 6 machine.Sold as a set of 3 machines, each equipped with a replaceable cartridge with 6 blades and a wide lubrication strip. To protect the shaving head, the manufacturer has provided it with a plastic cap. The shape of the handle is comfortable to grip, it is slightly curved and increases the accuracy of movements. The length of the entire shaver is 11 cm. After use, simply rinse it under running water and leave to dry. The blades are sharp, one pair is definitely enough for 1.5 months. For daily use, such a machine will be just right.

TOP 5 Best Budget Shavers on AliExpress1

2 weeks before Krasnoyarsk. I am ordering for the third time. Shave is cool. Enough for 1-1.5 months. Thanks to the seller.


TOP 5 Best Budget Shavers on AliExpress2

Great razors. This is the second time I order. The quality is excellent. Arrived very quickly. I recommend the seller.


TOP 5 Best Budget Shavers on AliExpress3

This is not the first time I order, everything is fine. The machines are of high quality, the package was tracked. Thank you seller!

Spik [er]

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Straight razor THREE SOUTH

Price from 314.08

Seller reliability: excellent!

This razor is widely used by hairdressing. It provides a close, even shave without damaging the delicate skin of the face. Made of stainless steel. Equipped with 10 replaceable blades with perfect sharpening. Unfolded, the razor is 14 cm long. Easy to fold after use. The cost for such a quality item is 100% justified.

TOP 5 Best Budget Shavers on AliExpress5

The razor is very good quality. Heavy. I recommend it for purchase.

T @ nOk_Bobr @

TOP 5 Best Budget Shavers on AliExpress6

Very good and the blades cut very well. I advise everyone to buy. The husband is happy.


TOP 5 Best Budget Shavers on AliExpress7

Razor fire. Shaves evenly. I advise you to buy.

T @ nOk_Bobr @

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QSHAVE machine

Price from 518.92

Seller reliability: excellent!

The shaver from QSHAVE is equipped with 6 blades on an interchangeablehead. They provide a close, fast and quality shave. Lubricating strips are used to protect the skin from damage and prevent irritation. The head is movable, it perfectly follows the curves of the face. The relief on the handle provides a secure grip on the skin of the hands, it is very comfortable to shave. The machine is made of plastic, has a length of 14.8 cm. The blades are sharp, they will last for a long time. Judging by the reviews, the razor shaves well.

TOP 5 Best Budget Shavers on AliExpress9

Delivery 2.5 weeks, I liked the quality. Shaves very comfortably, it is convenient to hold in a man's hand. Gillette is in the trash and will not return to him.


TOP 5 Best Budget Shavers on AliExpress10

The razor is great! Of the two X5 and X6, I liked the latter better, because in X5 the blades are close to each other and my fierce Slavic bristles get stuck.


TOP 5 Best Budget Shavers on AliExpress11

I took such a razor to my dad 2 years ago.He really likes the razor. The quality is good, but the head began to use. Re-ordered from the same seller. The razor, for the money, is excellent. Dad uses it every day, so it's a little worn out, I hope that the new one will last no less. The seller is adequate, always in touch. I recommend this product for purchase.


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Gillette Fusion 5 ProGlide Razor

Price from 1691.81

Seller reliability: excellent!

A chic razor in a stylish design from Gillette.Features a rubber non-slip grip and super-floating head for the smoothest glide possible. A quality daily shave with 5 blades is guaranteed. The shaver comes with a magnetic base. This razor is ideal for daily shaving with tough stubble. There are several different shaver configurations available for the buyer's choice.

TOP 5 Best Budget Shavers on AliExpress13

The machine and the blades are great. Was in its original packaging. The plastic is like the original, and maybe the original. Good quality. Everything was packed very well. I highly recommend the seller.


TOP 5 Best Budget Shavers on AliExpress14

Excellent, very similar to the original. The quality is top notch, looks expensive. The shipment was disguised as plastic toys by mail.


TOP 5 Best Budget Shavers on AliExpress15

Shaves with shaving cream like clockwork!I love! So tenderly and affectionately as a girl stroking her face)) There is not even a feeling that the blades are scraping you)) Just Burlesque! Many thanks to the store and the seller! I advise everyone!

Angry bunny

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Braun shaver

Price from 3944.27

Seller reliability: excellent!

Braun shaver won't pull out hairs andshaves clean. The shaving head perfectly adjusts to the contours of the face, copes well even with stiff bristles. The shaver body is IPX7 waterproof. The battery of the device is charged 45 minutes before it is fully charged, or 5 minutes for one shave. The shaver also allows you to shave with the adapter plugged in if the battery suddenly runs out and you don't shave. The complete set of the electric shaver is standard. If you want to save time on shaving, be sure to get such an assistant.

TOP 5 Best Budget Shavers on AliExpress17

Good razor. Came quickly. Thanks.


TOP 5 Best Budget Shavers on AliExpress18

Cool razor. Today I got it and went straight to work ... Shaves clean. Now the main question is durability .. Respect to the seller. Dispatched quickly. Delivery-month to Belarus.


TOP 5 Best Budget Shavers on AliExpress19

Great, cuts, not Philips, which is also. Everything works fine, I'm happy with the fall.


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