TOP 5 best-selling types of rugs from AliExpress

In our today's selection, let's talk about one common accessory, which is commonly called a rug.

The rug turned out to be so functional thatbecame widely used in all spheres of human life. Buying a rug for any occasion is not a problem, everywhere it will be functional and useful. Just like our "five" with Aliexpress.

Anti-slip car mat

Price from 152.22

Seller reliability: excellent!

Cyberday anti-slip mat is excellentadheres to the surface so that you cannot accidentally tear it off. Silicone is used in the manufacture of the accessory, it allows you to place an item on the panel in any position. The rug in the form of a maple leaf looks very stylish and is small in size - 13 * 12.5 cm. The front side of the product is shiny, it will perfectly fit both a phone and other little things for a car owner. The product is unpretentious in maintenance, it can be washed with water and glued again.

TOP 5 best-selling types of rugs on AliExpress1

I liked the rug. delivery 1.5 months. It will stick very well. Thank you!


TOP 5 best-selling types of rugs on AliExpress2

Lovely, very sticky! There is something to compare, they are very good! The leaf looks beautiful.

Crazy pirog

TOP 5 best-selling types of rugs on AliExpress3

The order went 1.5 months to the Amur region. It looks like an excellent leaf, I recommend it for purchase. The goods arrived in an ordinary bag.


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Long pile carpet (15 colors)

Price from 343.06

Seller reliability: excellent!

A beautiful fluffy carpet with a long pile will becomedecoration of a modern interior. 16 muted colors with white dots and 8 sizes will please any customer. The pile does not come out as a result of long-term use, the color does not fade. The manufacturer maintains strict quality control. The carpet has a thick backing that does not slip on tiles and laminates. It is warm to sit on it in the off-season, until the heating is turned on. Pets also love to doze on such a fluffy rug. The product is woven from 100% polyester. So do not worry about allergies to natural hair.

TOP 5 best-selling types of rugs on AliExpress5

Nice color, a little subtle, but okay. Very soft to the touch. Thanks.

cute personification of evil

TOP 5 best selling types of rugs on AliExpress6

Very soft and beautiful, the color is beautiful. Brought quickly to Rostov.


TOP 5 best-selling types of rugs on AliExpress7

Very nice carpet! Handsomely! Good seller

Spik [er]

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Mouse pad SH-JA-SBSD

Price from 554.35

Seller reliability: excellent!

The rug is suitable for those who work a lot forcomputer at work. With it, the hand gets tired less and does not go numb. The lower part of the mat fits well on any surface, using a laptop, the mat can even be placed on your lap. Does not slip on the surface. The accessory from the SOVAWIN brand is pleasant to the touch. It feels like an orthopedic material that you quickly get used to.

TOP 5 best-selling types of rugs on AliExpress9

The goods arrived quickly, packed in a bubble wrap and a bag. When buying, the size seems larger. I recommend the seller.

Disco Warm

TOP 5 best-selling types of rugs on AliExpress10

Best pads I've had. Very comfortable on the wrist. Others hurt a lot.


TOP 5 best selling types of rugs on AliExpress11

I ordered it for my husband, I'm very happy. The mat is soft and comfortable. The fabric is very nice, at least for me.


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Bath mat SAFEBET Stone

Price from 993.60

Seller reliability: excellent!

Lay such a rug on the bathroom floor, itwill provide safety, because the wet floor is so slippery. The accessory is made of PVC, moisture resistant. The suction cups located on the inside of the mat provide a secure fixation with the surface. The color palette is large and consists of 6 options. Outwardly, the rug resembles neatly laid out pebbles. The size of the rug is 70 * 36 cm. Suitable for bathroom, kitchen, toilet and shower. Buyers are satisfied with the quality of the product.

TOP 5 best-selling types of rugs on AliExpress13

Great rug. Fast delivery! Does not slip.


TOP 5 best-selling types of rugs on AliExpress14

The rug is not bad. The velcro is still sticking. We took a dog for the claws.


TOP 5 best-selling types of rugs on AliExpress15

Perfect beautiful rug for my bath. Thanks. I recommend.


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Houseeker baking mat

Price from 98.45

Seller reliability: excellent!

Large silicone baking mat steelthe favorite of most housewives. Silicone does not stick to the surface, does not absorb food odors and is easy to clean. It also dries quickly. In addition, the product contains useful information that is useful for baking. After use, the mat can be easily rolled into a roll, this can significantly save space in the closet. The bright purple color makes the product stand out among the heaps of useful kitchen helpers. The seller is always in touch, delivery times are not interrupted.

TOP 5 best-selling types of rugs on AliExpress17

The order came quickly. I am satisfied with the quality. I haven't tried it yet. Thanks to the seller.


TOP 5 best-selling types of rugs on AliExpress18

Good quality rug. There is no smell. Thanks to the seller.


TOP 5 best-selling types of rugs on AliExpress19

Thanks to the seller for the fast delivery and quality. Everything matches the description, there is no smell.


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