TOP 5 best selling vegetable peelers from AliExpress

In the kitchen, when working with vegetables, you needpeeler. It will thinly and effortlessly peel potatoes, carrots and other vegetables and fruits. Many people still prefer to do it the old fashioned way with a regular knife. The peeler has gained popularity among housewives of all ages due to a number of advantages - compactness, ease of use and versatility.

If you are looking for a store where you can buy a vegetable peeler that will serve you for a long time, rather scroll through our selection with Aliexpress.

Electric peeler

Price from 1811.87

Seller reliability: excellent!

If you are tired of peeling vegetables with your hands,use an electric peeler. She will do all the unpleasant work for you. The device is structurally simple, plastic base and stainless steel knife. The device is powered by pressing buttons. Blades thinly peel potatoes and apples literally in seconds. The electric peeler can be operated either from electricity or on 4 AA batteries, they are not included in the package. We recommend that you buy them in advance. The size of the device is 29 * 14 * 14 cm, it comes with 3 replaceable blades.

TOP 5 Selling Vegetable Peelers from AliExpress1

Cool stuff! Perfectly peels potatoes. Note that thin vegetables such as carrots will not be peeled!


TOP 5 sold-out vegetable peelers from AliExpress2

Good quality for the price. Will be ordering again. I am very pleased with the purchase.


TOP 5 Selling Vegetable Peelers from AliExpress3

Works really well. Works quietly. Bought as a gift.


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Peeler (2 types)

Price from 348.61

Seller reliability: excellent!

Large and very handy manual peeleruseful for anyone in the kitchen. Made entirely of stainless steel, weighty and neat. The blades are sharp, gently peel off the skin from vegetables or fruits. There are two types of this peeler, depending on your preferences. Product size - 17 * 1.5 cm, weighs about 102 grams. It makes it easier to peel potatoes, carrots and other vegetables. Many people use it for carving.

TOP 5 Selling Vegetable Peelers from AliExpress5

I had to pay extra dollar, there were problems with delivery. They did not ship for a long time, the packaging is weak. The boxes were torn.


TOP 5 Selling Vegetable Peelers from AliExpress6

A very good little knife. Qualitative.Lies comfortably in the hand. Completely metal, nice plastic inserts on the sides. I tried to use it, everything is fine, it cuts thinly, without effort. True, a very long delivery, but it's worth it, especially for that kind of money.


TOP 5 Selling Vegetable Peelers from AliExpress7

The quality is excellent. The wife is happy. Take it you will not regret it.


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VandHome Peeler Set

Price from 305.57

Seller reliability: excellent!

Catch a set of three peelers for the mostthrifty housewives. With the help of them, you can not only peel vegetables, fruits, but also use them to remove scales and seeds. Stainless steel is used in the manufacture of peelers. It is durable and easy to clean. The product is quite weighty, cast. Features a comfortable long handle with a hanging hook for hanging on the wall. The dimensions of the three peelers are 21.5 * 2 cm, 22 * ​​3 cm and 20 * 1 cm. The latter is designed to remove seeds from cherries. Of course, each one will definitely come in handy in the household.

TOP 5 Selling Vegetable Peelers from AliExpress9

The description is the same, three pieces as in the picture. The quality is decent. To Novorossiysk month with tracking.


TOP 5 Selling Vegetable Peelers from AliExpress10

The product completely matches the description and photo. Fast and correct delivery. I recommend it.


TOP 5 Selling Vegetable Peelers from AliExpress11

The quality is high, spicy. I ordered the same earlier. I have been using it for about 3 years, everything is ok.


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Xiaomi Youpin Kalar Peeler

Price from 655.01

Seller reliability: excellent!

Xiaomi peelers stand out for their excellentquality and impeccable appearance. They are solid and weighty. The handle is made of dense plastic, fits perfectly in the hand. The blades at the end of the product are sharp. They excel at a variety of tasks, such as skinning a juicy tomato. There are 2 options to choose from, different formats and cleaning methods. They are dishwasher safe. If you still peel vegetables and fruits the old-fashioned way, get yourself a handy tool like this!

TOP 5 Selling Vegetable Peelers from AliExpress13

Excellent vegetable food. Thanks to the cloves, the peel is very thinly cut. Super!


TOP 5 Selling Vegetable Peelers from AliExpress14

Good quality. Knife, very sharp and very smooth running. Recommend.


TOP 5 best selling vegetable peelers from AliExpress15

The goods were delivered in 19 days. Packaged well, no damage. This is the second such knife. I am satisfied.

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Peeler K2 HOME

Price from 401.78

Seller reliability: excellent!

TOP 5 Selling Vegetable Peelers from AliExpress17

Cleans quickly, great. It is comfortable in the hand, you can feel it. ADVISE. The seller is super!


TOP 5 Selling Vegetable Peelers from AliExpress18

This is a normal thing. Lies well in the hand. Cuts well too.


TOP 5 Selling Vegetable Peelers from AliExpress19

The device lies comfortably in the hand, so heavy. But cleaning needs to adjust a little. In the kitchen, the right thing.


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