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Children as well as adults are exposed tostress. Dealing with it is not easy. One of the most effective ways to let off steam or just relax is the use of various anti-stress toys. Among children now the most popular are pop it and simple dimple.

These things not only help relieve stress, but also look great. They are capable of improving mood by their appearance alone. Adults also use their help.

Pop it unicorn

Price from 145,00

Seller reliability: excellent!

Pop it in the form of a unicorn figurine like it so muchgirls and their mothers. The vibrant color palette is composed of muted shades of pink, purple and blue to relax and calm. The soft-touch material makes using the anti-stress toy a pleasant experience. Many people are so calm and relieve stress. The satisfaction of pressing on the bubbles and the sound of a bursting air bubble gives relaxation. With this toy, you will relieve stress and get relaxation. Pop it in different colors! It is worth holding it under the sun for a bit, as it will begin to shimmer on its own. The size of the product is 18 * 10 cm, it is convenient to carry it with you.

TOP 5 Cool Antistress Toys from AliExpress1

The goods came to Ukraine in 3 weeks. Everything's OK. Matches the description.


TOP 5 Cool Antistress Toys from AliExpress2

All goods correspond to the description, no smell, the price is lower than other sellers. The order came to Ukraine quickly. Earlier than the stated date.


TOP 5 Cool Antistress Toys from AliExpress3

The package arrived in +/- two weeks, I thought it would take longer. Color as pictured. As with all pop it (xs is correct), one side crunches a little better than the other.


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Glowing pop it (40 types)

Price from 214.27

Seller reliability: excellent!

We offer you to choose the appearance of your pop itof 40 different figures. Each has a special color that glows brightly in the dark thanks to the fluorescent paint. Antistress toy is designed for children aged 4 to 12 years. The field of use - namely, the bursting of balls, emitting an attractive sound, relaxation occurs. Negative emotions disappear. Pop it is also perfect for children's role-playing games, take note! After all, ahead of the vacation and it will be necessary to occupy the fidget with something.

TOP 5 Cool Antistress Toys from AliExpress5

Excellent product. Delivery to Ukraine in 17 days. Children are delighted!

Foxy_ [Pirate]

TOP 5 Cool Antistress Toys from AliExpress6

The beetle is just a bomb. The child is very happy. Delivery is very fast, the toy arrived to Kiev in a week. Many thanks to the seller. Highly recommend.


TOP 5 Cool Antistress Toys from AliExpress7

The order arrived in less than 2 weeks. I like and advise you to purchase. The choice is rich.


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Keychain Simple Dimple (41 types)

Price from 95.99

Seller reliability: excellent!

Another popular anti-stress toy these dayscalled simple dimple. Unlike pop it, it has much larger bubbles. Here, as they say, who likes what more. There are 41 types of such a thing to choose from a picky buyer. Eyes run wide! The Simple Dimple is designed to be carried with you, so many of its types are made like a keychain. He walks on a chain. Relief of stress from bursting priests and good leisure with such a thing are guaranteed to you!

TOP 5 Cool Antistress Toys from AliExpress9

Exactly as described! More than expected, but I am happy with my order. Neat in appearance.


TOP 5 Cool Antistress Toys from AliExpress10

Very fast delivery, the child is happy. Thanks to the seller. Simple dimple is now our favorite at home.


TOP 5 Cool Antistress Toys from AliExpress11

Business is doing just fine. Good quality. I bought 2 different pieces for my daughters.

Angry bunny

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Large simple dimple (64 types)

Price from 299.88

Seller reliability: excellent!

An easy-to-use toy designed forstress relief that you can easily put in your pocket and take with you to take advantage of when needed. It has a smooth rubber surface, soft buttons. When pressed, they emit a click. Unlike many other anti-stress toys, this simple dimple is tear resistant. The toy relieves stress well and helps to focus. Ideal for students, office workers and children.

TOP 5 Cool Antistress Toys from AliExpress13

Matches the description. Fast delivery. The child is happy.


TOP 5 Cool Antistress Toys from AliExpress14

Good quality. Looks the way it should, nice and loud claps.


TOP 5 Cool Antistress Toys from AliExpress15

Delivery is very fast, 2 weeks in MO! The child is very happy, the description matches! Recommend.


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Mini pop it (19 types)

Price from 82.60

Seller reliability: excellent!

Beautiful bright toy for relieving stress in the form ofthe keychain is made of silicone, pleasant to the touch. Easy to use, compact in size and fits in your pocket. With smooth rubber surface, soft rubber buttons. It will help you concentrate and is also suitable for people with insufficient attention / ADHD. Pop it comes with a mini clip to attach to keys, wallets, backpacks. The toy is suitable for children over 3 years old and adults. The buttons are made of 100% silicone; frame made of high quality ABS plastic.

TOP 5 Cool Antistress Toys from AliExpress17

It's a funny thing, you can't compare with bumps, but you can stick. I arrived in a common package with other orders in two weeks. Super!


TOP 5 Cool Antistress Toys from AliExpress18

I reached Ukraine in less than a week. I didn’t expect such fast delivery. I advise you to buy.

cute personification of evil

TOP 5 Cool Antistress Toys from AliExpress19

It clicks on one side, on the other it is simply pressed. My daughter is happy. Carries a keychain everywhere with him))).


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