TOP 5 cool laser engravers with ALIEXPRESS

The engraving process cannot but attract. He's so addicting! As a hobby, this activity is perfect. It only takes a little for the first step - a good laser engraver and desire.

In our selection you can find the right engraver for creating cool engravings on different surfaces.

Laser Engraver YOHUIE CNC 3018

Price from 10796.70

Seller reliability: excellent!

TOP 5 cool laser engravers with ALIEXPRESS1

Everything came and collected. Already riveted, I did not use a milling cutter. I have already cut medals with a laser.

u n i v e r s e

TOP 5 cool laser engravers with ALIEXPRESS2

The package arrived in two weeks, the box is not large, everything is neatly folded. Let's see what actually happens ...


TOP 5 cool laser engravers with ALIEXPRESS3

Awesome device, assembled in 1.5 hours without any problems. quality-factory. Delivery super speed - 4 days! Packed conscientiously, sweating while unpacking. I will master it. The seller is super, I recommend.


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Price from 11398.71

Seller reliability: excellent!

Another cool engraver that is designed forengraving on a variety of materials. Please select a suitable package before purchasing. There are several power options to handle different materials. For example, a laser with a power of 1.6-5.5 W is enough for you only for engraving and cutting thin materials like plywood. For harder surfaces it is better to use more powerful models. The engraver is easy to operate. He's just going.

TOP 5 cool laser engravers with ALIEXPRESS5

The parcel went Mega for a long time, 2+ months, according toeverything seems to be on horseback! On the way, the box seems to have stopped at the FIFA World Cup, because there is no living space left on it. Fortunately, the content was delivered intact. The workmanship (fitting and processing of parts, the absence of visible backlash) and the rigidity of the machine made me very happy, I assembled it in 1 evening without any instructions. Everything you need is included. The seller is sociable, the machine is suitable, works flawlessly.


TOP 5 cool laser engravers with ALIEXPRESS6

Many tests were done to test the machineand mistakes, the seller was on site with communication and explanation about the product, before and after the sale. I used Grbl laser to cut and engrave with light burn, software is easy to read, settings can be tricky! All in one! The item was packed perfectly, although fedex bothered me a little about the delivery.


TOP 5 cool laser engravers with ALIEXPRESS7

Thanks a lot! The delivery was very fast. Engraver 5.


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Laser engraver NEJE DK-8-KZ

Price from 9492.20

Seller reliability: excellent!

If a small size engraver is needed, thisthe model will do - it is a desktop one. Available to order in traditional wired and wireless Bluetooth versions. The first option is cheaper, but difficult to use with mobile devices. The model is distinguished by the speed of drawing images and good accuracy. It is possible to simultaneously control several devices at once, which helps to organize a full-fledged production. Suitable for icons, deep engraving. Supports bmp, jpg, png and other image formats. Scan the QR code with NEJE Scanner APP (only support Android version), it will automatically connect with the computer software.

TOP 5 cool laser engravers with ALIEXPRESS9

All OK. The print quality is excellent. But I would take 10 v instead of 3. Although you can do a lot with 3v.


TOP 5 cool laser engravers with ALIEXPRESS10

The engraver is super! Super offer. He does everything very well.

Forever Young

TOP 5 cool laser engravers with ALIEXPRESS11

Received on time. The laser burns out clearly and accurately. I'm happy with everything so far.


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Mini engraver TwoWin

Price from 6699.03

Seller reliability: excellent!

Introducing the Laser Engraving Machine withcompact size and convenient connection system. The working area is well protected from impacts by means of a housing and special screens. The package bundle is rich, it includes a USB flash drive with software, a data cable, a power supply, and two wooden plates for testing the device. Works good. Buyers in their reviews note the positioning accuracy, design reliability.

TOP 5 cool laser engravers with ALIEXPRESS13

Nice device. Working. The only upset was that the flash drive with the software did not work and the corner near the glass was knocked out. But the seller immediately reacted and sent the replacement glass back.


TOP 5 cool laser engravers with ALIEXPRESS14

Everything is fine. Fast delivery and excellent quality. I recommend!


TOP 5 cool laser engravers with ALIEXPRESS15

Everything is good !!, fast delivery to the apartment in a couple of days. Works well. I made a frame of plywood and a corductor, where you can put the product and not measure it out every time.


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Laser engraver NEJE Master 2

Price from 14229.17

Seller reliability: excellent!

Laser engraver from NEJE brand hasoptical power 450 nm 5.5 W. Built-in MEMS security system automatically turns off the laser if accidentally touching the work area. The device provides application of images on various materials with an accuracy of 0.075 mm. Management is carried out using the official software from NEJE. Cuts plywood, birch 4 mm easily. It performs all the functions declared by the manufacturer at 100%. Works with all popular operating systems.

TOP 5 cool laser engravers with ALIEXPRESS17

Excellent engraver.Packaged with high quality, during delivery nothing was bent or broken. Completion as stated. Quick assembly - assembly diagram included, drivers and software are available on the official website. It performs its functions - engraves and cuts, but for work it is advisable to use an extractor hood or a very well-ventilated room. I am satisfied with the purchase. I recommend the product and the seller!


TOP 5 cool laser engravers with ALIEXPRESS18

Decent apparatus. For what it exists, it more than justifies. I advise. everything is simple and easy. I advise you to engrave in the kitchen under the hood. Anodized aluminum engraves perfectly.


TOP 5 cool laser engravers with ALIEXPRESS19

Excellent machine tool. Cuts plywood, birch 4 mm easily. In four passes. Thanks to the seller.


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