TOP-5 covers needed in everyday life from AliExpress

The cover is designed to protect the storage object fromdamage. In the vastness of the Aliexpress online store and in offline stores, there are countless such useful things that it will not be difficult to buy a cover for any purpose.

The most popular types of covers are phone cases (many are looking for a silicone case), seat covers, sofa or chair covers, and others.

Our traditional Friday collection from Aliexpress will help you plunge into the world of practical cases.

Car seat cover

Price from 1245.37

Seller reliability: excellent!

The cover is designed for the bottomseat. It is perforated to prevent slipping. The cover will easily protect the upholstery from wear and tear. Does not slip on the surface, is fixed tightly. In the summer it will not be hot to sit on it. The size of the overlay is 52 * 49 * 1 cm. It can be purchased in three colors - black, gray and beige. The product has roomy pockets on the side, which is very convenient when traveling. The seller offers to purchase both for the rear seat and for the front seats separately. By the way, the lining completely covers the lower part of the chair.

TOP 5 essential cases from AliExpress1

Excellent capes. I have not installed it yet. Fast delivery.


TOP 5 useful cases from AliExpress2

The color is a little lighter than the photo, the seat is very different. I ride it for a week until I like it: it does not heat up, does not slip, does not sweat.


TOP-5 covers needed in everyday life from AliExpress3

The village is not bad on Nissan Qashqai. In general, I am satisfied with the purchase.

Spik [er]

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JOYCAPA iPhone 12 Case (5 Colors)

Price from 98.90

Seller reliability: excellent!

Ultra-thin smartphone case, 0.2 thicknessmm, does not thicken the phone. Available in five colors, all discreet. The texture is pleasant to the touch, does not leave fingerprints. Suitable for Apple smartphones for 18 models. The slots for the buttons, the camera and the connector are completely aligned. The camera unit is fully protected.

TOP 5 essential cases from AliExpress5

Delivery to Krasnoyarsk 16 days, sent immediatelyafter ordering. I did not communicate with the seller, the delivery was tracked until arrival. The case is fully consistent with the description. Very thin, does not thicken your phone. The matte finish does not leave fingerprints. All holes match, protects the camera. I really like it, I was looking for just this.

bubble gum

TOP-5 covers needed in everyday life from AliExpress6

Delivery to Moscow is 15 days, and this is during the New Year holidays. On the iPhone 12 mini, the case fits perfectly. The slots for the buttons and the connector are completely aligned. The camera unit is fully protected. I recommend.


TOP 5 useful cases from AliExpress7

He sat down well. Slim, protects cameras. I advise.


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Chair Cover Coolazy (34 colors)

Price from 874.88

Seller reliability: excellent!

A cover will help freshen up your favorite armchair in the living Coolazy. The color palette is impressive, with 34 different colors. Each of them is unique! The sewing material is polyester (92%) and spandex (8%). Neat cut and straight lines leave a pleasant impression of the product. The cover stretches excellently, the material is pleasant to touch with your hands. On the seller's page, the exact dimensions of the product are given so that you can accurately choose the right one for your chair. Be sure to take measurements before buying!

TOP 5 useful cases from AliExpress9

Great case! Dispatched and delivered quickly. Very pleasant to the touch. A good thing!


TOP 5 essential cases from AliExpress10

The cover is super. The fabric is very elastic and pleasant to the touch. The cover sat down perfectly on the chair. THANKS to the seller! I am very pleased.


TOP 5 useful cases from AliExpress11

The cover is cool, I took it according to the parameters, measured my chair and decided that it would fit. My chair is not the same as in the picture. It was a stretch, but it did.


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Decorative pillow cover Meijuner

Price from 301.26

Seller reliability: excellent!

Decorative pillow covers will be a highlight inthe interior. Standard size - 45 * 45 cm. Unusual colors, 7 original colors. The material resembles plush. The cover can be machine washed on a delicate cycle at 40 ° C. Do not bleach or tumble dry. The covers are closed with a zipper. You will not see protruding threads, the cut is neat. Customers are satisfied with the purchase. If you buy a couple of these covers and put them on the sofa in the living room, you get a stylish composition.

TOP 5 useful cases from AliExpress13

Fast delivery. The quality is great! The seller is great.

My life

TOP 5 useful cases from AliExpress14

Good quality pillowcases, no threads sticking out. Neatly sewn, locks work. To Ulyanovsk, only 10 days.


TOP 5 essential cases from AliExpress15

Very nice pillowcases. Fits perfectly into the interior. Thanks to the seller.

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Silicone case for remote control

Price from 111.83

Seller reliability: excellent!

If you like to protect home appliance remotescovers, then this product will definitely come in handy. The cover is silicone, perfectly stretchable and fits perfectly. Silicone is very pleasant to the touch, transparent so that all buttons are visible. The size of the product is 20 * 5 * 1.7 cm. For the remotes of famous TV brands, this cover is perfect. The seller packs the goods well and does not interrupt delivery times. Buyers write positive reviews.

TOP 5 useful cases from AliExpress17

The order came quickly. Ideal for sony TV remote control. I'm happy with the purchase.


TOP 5 useful cases from AliExpress18

The cover is good. This is my second time here. I arrived in St. Petersburg on time.


TOP 5 useful cases from AliExpress19

Until Peter the order was 1.5 months, they threw it straight into the mailbox. Sits down perfectly. I advise. I will order more.

Forever Young

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