TOP 5 Hair Curlers with ALIEXPRESS

A simple tool such as a curling iron will make your hair look like it’s just after the salon. With her, a chic hairstyle and a flawless appearance are guaranteed to you.

In the arsenal of assistants of every fashionista there is a coupleproven devices - among them you will most often find a hair tong and a hair straightener. They will help you to easily make a cool styling, after which you will definitely not go unnoticed by the strong half of humanity.

If for some reason you still do not have such useful devices, be sure to check out our selection from Aliexpress, it contains the best options.

Hair straightener

Price from 687.07

Seller reliability: excellent!

This model goes like 3 in 1.It will allow you to create bouncy curls with your own hands, straighten hair and easily comb strands. Styling takes place without damaging the hair thanks to the coated ceramic plates. Attaching the device allows you to firmly clamp and not damage the strands. The heating elements are of high quality. The plastic of the iron body is pleasant to the touch and rough, will not allow the iron to accidentally slip out of your hands. The heating temperature is displayed on a digital display located on the body. There are 4 operating modes. Range from 130 ° C to 200 ° C. Fast styling for everyday life with this piece is guaranteed to you!

TOP 5 Hair Curlers with ALIEXPRESS1

Matches the description. I am satisfied with the quality. The plug is what you need, no adapter is needed.


TOP 5 Hair Curlers with ALIEXPRESS2

I love this straightening thing!I have very thick, wavy hair that always dries out if a hairdryer is used. Using an iron I can straighten all my hair in 5 minutes and it lasts all day.


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Everything is fine. Delivery is also very fast. Thanks to the seller.


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Hair tongs OLOEY

Price from 922.20

Seller reliability: excellent!

The hair tongs heat up quickly - in just 15seconds. The maximum heating temperature is 230 degrees. With the help of such a thing, you can easily get smooth or wavy curls. 4 temperature settings are great for all hair types. The tong can be used on dry or damp hair. A distinctive feature of the model is the holes on the panel through which steam escapes. This technology significantly speeds up the styling process and provides an antistatic effect. Device power: 40-60 W. Powered by a mains power cord. It is 1 m long.

TOP 5 Hair Curlers with ALIEXPRESS5

The order was sent on 29.01, 08.02 came to the rep Khakassia. The cost is small. I chose from two models for a long time, settled on this one. The color is white, light, the size of the plates is 3.5 cm. It stretches well. Only the strands need to be taken thicker. The packaging was torn and the case was scratched. Heats up quickly.


TOP 5 Hair Curlers with ALIEXPRESS6

Looks exactly like the picture. Can't wait to use it. Came in good condition.


TOP 5 Hair Curlers with ALIEXPRESS7

I am very pleased with the purchase! Thanks to the seller. Fast delivery, well packaged! Heats up quickly and is ideal for straightening hair, hard structures. Thank you!


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Barrel 5 in 1 Ubeator

Price from 1334.28

Seller reliability: excellent!

If you have long hair and dream of curlswave, this model will fit perfectly. Thanks to 5 cylinders, curling time is significantly reduced. The heating elements are ceramic, they do not damage the hair. With them, curling your hair will be safe for the health of curls. The curling iron works in two temperature modes - 170 and 220 degrees. Heating up to 100 degrees occurs in 20 seconds. A lower temperature is sufficient for soft hair. If you want to make curls, choose 220 degrees. Power consumption: 40-59 W. The length of the device is 39 cm, the length of the working part is 24 cm.

TOP 5 Hair Curlers with ALIEXPRESS9

The curling iron is of very good quality! It took two weeks to reach Italy. Of course, not for daily use, I think it will spoil the hair. But then you can now do the styling in 15 minutes. I advise everyone!


TOP 5 Hair Curlers with ALIEXPRESS10

Very cool curling iron, I advise everyone. The coverage is good. The effect is super. Fast styling in 15 minutes 🙂


TOP 5 Hair Curlers with ALIEXPRESS11

The tongs are super, delivery. The order was placed on 22.03.21, the courier brought home on 03.24.21. The set includes a glove (very thin), two hairpins, tongs, a hairbrush and instructions. I did it with my hair in 30 minutes (perm at t 210 '), medium length, pre-washed my hair and used foam, without varnish. The result is pleasing. Fast, efficiently high quality, in general, what you need. I definitely recommend both the product and the seller.


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Narrow curling iron AOFEILEI

Price from 828.15

Seller reliability: excellent!

Purchase a curling iron from AOFEILEI you havepossibility of 19, 25, 32 mm in diameter. It all depends on what size the curls should be. The nozzle is tapered and made of ceramic. Hair does not stick to it. The instrument panel contains control buttons and a display. The buttons allow turning the device on and off, adjusting the heating temperature. The temperature is shown on the display. The plastic of the handle is textured so that the curling iron does not fall out of your hands. The cord has a swivel mount to make it easy to wind the curls. The length of the device is 36 cm, the nozzle is 36 cm. Customers are satisfied with the purchase.

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Curling iron fire. I adore her.Until this two years I used the same. But she broke down. I ordered this one again, 19 mm twists curls, lambs. I love them. The curling iron came in an instant, on 11.11 I ordered it on 30.11 and took it in Barnaul. The curling iron works, I checked it. Heats up quickly. From 110-240 degrees. I always twist to 180 maximum and keep my curls gorgeous for two days before washing my head without any styling products. The seller sent gloves and an elastic band as a gift. Packing fire, green bag and inflated vacuum. Thanks! I hope this one will last no less than the last one. By the way, the coating of the curling iron is excellent, the hair does not stick, does not fry, does not burn. It doesn't spoil it at all, I often twist curls, but my hair is not dyed either. I recommend buying a curling iron. The seller is great. Thanks.

Spik [er]

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A month in Voronezh, tracked. Well packed.Heats up quickly. Gloves are of no use. It is easier to take ordinary construction, it will burn less. The wire rotates, it is very convenient. Cools down for a long time. Turn at 150-160 degrees just right. The temperature is higher, the rocker is already smoke. Heat protection for hair to help. I wrapped my hair up to the shoulder blades in half an hour. They held on well for two days, on the third they began to unwind. The curling iron is light.


TOP 5 Hair Curlers with ALIEXPRESS15

19 days to Krasnoyarsk. Packed securely.They put two gloves and an elastic band as a gift. The curling iron is super! It curls well, very comfortable in the hand, the cable rotates 360 °. There is a stand, the tip of the curling iron does not heat up, you can hold it by it. The temperature is adjustable.

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Cowavat hair styler (4 types)

Price from 2068.37

Seller reliability: excellent!

The device allows you to create light waves,soft medium to firm curls in minutes. It is necessary to choose the time for curling and the temperature, only take into account the characteristics of your hair. There are 3 options for curling your hair. It only takes you 3 minutes to style your hair. A large informative display is built into the device, where all the information necessary for operation is displayed. The curling iron is suitable for all hair types. The 360 ​​° swivel power cord is easy to twist. Its length is 2.5 m.

TOP 5 Hair Curlers with ALIEXPRESS17

Very good hairdryer, happy with the purchase. Buy you will not regret it. Nice store, fast delivery, thank you.

cute personification of evil

TOP 5 Hair Curlers with ALIEXPRESS18

The order came quickly, the tongs are working. It's bad that there are no instructions in Russian. Curling fire.


TOP 5 Hair Curlers with ALIEXPRESS19

Really magic for the hair. Thank you very much to the seller, I recommend it to everyone. Delivery is very fast, very nice.


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