TOP 5 ideal bathroom soap dishes with ALIEXPRESS

Bar soap is still popular these days,many do not trust automatic dispensers and wash their hands in the old proven way. Everything would be fine, but over time, the soap becomes sour and becomes unusable. A soap dish comes to the rescue in such a situation.

Over time, the soap dish for the bathroom has undergone changes, it has become better. The soap in it stopped melting.

Before you run to the store in order to buy a soap dish, we recommend that you study the range from our selection with Aliexpress. There are so many soap dishes for every taste!


Price from 274.99

Seller reliability: excellent!

The soap dish looks like a metal tray.size 70 * 70 mm. It looks great on a shower set with a 24 mm bar. The soap dish is made of durable ABC-plastic, covered with waterproof enamel "stainless steel". It will be convenient to wash in a shower stall with such a thing. Installation of the product is simple. Just slide the O-ring onto the shower rack and you're done! Judging by customer reviews about the product, the quality and practicality are on the top five.

TOP 5 ideal bathroom soap dishes with ALIEXPRESS1

Everything is according to the description, delivery to MO is 10 days. Recommend!


TOP 5 ideal bathroom soap dishes with ALIEXPRESS2

The size of the mount is a little too big for my shower, but I'll think of something.


TOP 5 ideal bathroom soap dishes with ALIEXPRESS3

The stand is not metal, but plastic, but well made. Very comfortable. Thank you.


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Wall-mounted soap dish

Price from 318.33

Seller reliability: excellent!

If you like order, then for sure in yourbathroom, everything is laid out on the shelves. A wall-mounted soap dish will help you to beautifully remove soap. It does not require drilling, just peel off the protective layer from the double-sided tape and install the organizer on the wall. The product is available for both one and two bars of soap. Choose the size you need! The color palette is not flashy. Soap dish flaps open when pressed. The soap in it does not turn sour thanks to the drain holes. The accessory is made of plastic, it tolerates moisture well and is unpretentious in maintenance. Place such a soap dish on the wall of the shower stall or on the tiles by the sink, it will hold on tightly everywhere.

TOP 5 ideal bathroom soap dishes with ALIEXPRESS5

Everything is super, keeps in the shower perfectly. The quality is excellent. I recommend to buy.


TOP 5 ideal bathroom soap dishes with ALIEXPRESS6

Easy to clean by soaking in a basin, has a non-deshman design. It adheres well to glass and tiles.


TOP 5 ideal bathroom soap dishes with ALIEXPRESS7

Received it within 2 weeks (to the Netherlands). Very fast! I like. Supplied in a cardboard box wrapped in a thin plastic bag. No damage in my case.


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Soap dish Dolphin (4 colors)

Price from 79.21

Seller reliability: excellent!

With a soap dish like this, your kids will love to wash.hands! The product is made in the shape of a dolphin. A perforated bottom is provided for the soap to dry quickly. It is removable. Taking care of the dolphin is easy, you just need to rinse it under running hot water. Plastic will withstand everything. The soap dish is presented to order in gray, pink, blue and turquoise colors. Moreover, in the latter version, the bottom is bright yellow. Place the dolphin on the sink or glue it to the wall - it will look beautiful everywhere. Soap dish size - 13 * 7.5 cm.

TOP 5 ideal soap dishes for the bathroom with ALIEXPRESS9

It was not packed very well, it was strange that a whole one came. I really liked. Attached, holding up well so far. Cool.


TOP 5 ideal bathroom soap dishes with ALIEXPRESS10

Great soap dish. Came quickly and well packed. The quality is super and very pretty. Recommend!


TOP 5 ideal soap dishes for the bathroom with ALIEXPRESS11

Luxurious soap dish, decorated the bathroom wall !!! Very quickly came in the same package with other orders !! The children are delighted.


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Natural soap dish

Price from 296.66

Seller reliability: excellent!

We bring to your attention a soap dish made ofdiatomite. Diatomite is a kind of natural silicate rocky soil accumulated over millennia in fresh water lakes. This soap dish can keep soap dry and absorb moisture and odor in the bathroom. And the product does not slip on the surface, which is very convenient. Also easy to clean under running water. The size of the soap dish is 19.5 * 8 * 0.7 cm. It is produced in a light blue color.

TOP 5 ideal bathroom soap dishes with ALIEXPRESS13

Ordered on 07.04, received on 20.04 in Israel. The quality is excellent. You can take it!


TOP 5 ideal bathroom soap dishes with ALIEXPRESS14

Whole, strong, without marriage. Match the description. A beautiful thing.

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TOP 5 ideal bathroom soap dishes with ALIEXPRESS15

Beautiful contraption! I took it to wash it off. It copes with its task perfectly.


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Wooden soap dish

Price from 23.91

Seller reliability: excellent!

If you value items made from naturalmaterials, you will definitely like this soap dish. Made with high quality, carefully varnished. The design of the soap dish is extremely simple, reminiscent of a staircase with frequent steps. In such a wonderful piece, the soap will retain its presentation for a long time and dry quickly. For baths and saunas, this is also an excellent solution.

TOP 5 ideal bathroom soap dishes with ALIEXPRESS17

The package arrived in the Republic of Belarus in 18 days, thrown into the mailbox. Packaged simply in a bubble bag. The product matches the description of the seller and the color and size, thank you very much to the seller.


TOP 5 ideal soap dishes for the bathroom with ALIEXPRESS18

Came 3 weeks before Novosibirsk. The soap dish is neat, packed in a bag. Thanks to the seller. Delivered along with another order.

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TOP 5 ideal soap dishes for the bathroom with ALIEXPRESS19

The item arrived pretty quickly. I'm happy with the order! Recommend.

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