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To meet September 1 fully armed, you need to buy everything in advance. A student must have a pencil case, a backpack, a pen, a ruler and much more.

This collection was created to facilitate and help parents of schoolchildren in such a difficult and troublesome task as preparing for school.

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Powerbank Vogek

Price from 2082.78

Seller reliability: excellent!

Power bank from Vogek has the functionwireless charging. It can serve as a stand for the phone and simultaneously charge it and, in parallel, a second gadget. It weighs about 300 g. Dimensions are small - 138 * 62 * 21.5 mm. There is a built-in LED screen at the end of the case, it shows the amount of the remaining charge, which is useful. Despite its small size, it has an impressive 20,000mAh lithium-ion polymer battery. What's interesting is the angle of the pull-out to use the power bank as a stand. She goes at 60 degrees.

TOP 5 products for school with AliExpress1

Great battery. Charges fast. High-quality and beautiful power bank. I recommend the seller. I'm happy!

Foxy_ [Pirate]

TOP 5 products for school with AliExpress2

Well packed, strangely lightweight, works. How quickly it charges, I have not yet tested it. Arrived in a strong package and in 3 weeks to Murmansk.

cute personification of evil

TOP 5 products for school with AliExpress3

The device is excellent. It went on for a long time. Charges well.


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Price from 803.10

Seller reliability: excellent!

At school, it is often required to draw a curvedline, this flexible ruler will help you with this. Its length is 30 cm. The device can be bent in any way to obtain a wide variety of lines. Many schoolchildren use such a ruler to build graphs of trigonometric functions. The ruler is painted in bright blue and is very pleasant to the touch. Performs measurements without errors.

TOP 5 products for school with AliExpress5

Good quality and fast delivery. I recommend!

Grandma in sneakers

TOP 5 products for school with AliExpress6

Everything is super! It came quickly! It is convenient to draw.

cute personification of evil

TOP 5 products for school with AliExpress7

Exactly as in the picture !! I will order more! It came in 2.5 weeks!


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Pen and pencil holder for student

Price from 249,00

Seller reliability: excellent!

The product is perhaps the most useful inelementary school in the formation of the correct spelling of letters, as well as for proofreading the handwriting of our juniors. For high school students, it is also suitable! The color of the holder is pleasing to the eye. The price for four is very reasonable. All four pieces are different colors. The enclosed gift will find its use.

TOP 5 products for school with AliExpress9

There is nothing to compare with, since they have not used it beforelike that. Soft, pleasant to the touch, no smell. Nice colors. Apparently I read the description inattentively, because I was surprised that they came in a package of 4 pieces.


TOP 5 products for school with AliExpress10

Good day, dear customers andsalesman! Delivery to St. Petersburg took place in three days. We will form a beautiful handwriting. Thanks to the seller for the thoughtful logistics! All the best!


TOP 5 products for school with AliExpress11

The order arrived in 5 days by mail. Everything is safe and sound. Thank you!


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Pencil case ZJZDWJ

Price from 98.03

Seller reliability: excellent!

A beautiful fluffy pencil case will definitely like itschoolgirl! It is strong, roomy and original in appearance. The seller sends the color of the pencil case randomly, but you can write to him about your preferences. The size of the accessory is 20 cm in length, 5 cm in height. It closes tightly with a zipper, an air pom-pom with a fastener draws attention. Buyers are delighted with the purchase.

TOP 5 products for school with AliExpress13

The package went to Moscow for about 20 days.The pencil case arrived at the post office without damage. The track was tracked. I came across a pink and yellow pencil case. Quite a lot is placed there. I was very pleased with a little fluff instead of a keychain with a lock. In general, I am satisfied with the product. Thanks to the seller.


TOP 5 products for school with AliExpress14

Send randomly! The seller is good, I recommend. The pencil case reached Norilsk in 2.5 weeks, which is very pleasing. Thank you!


TOP 5 products for school with AliExpress15

Pencil case at the request of my daughter, beautiful, fluffy Delivered on time. All at 5.


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Molecule assembly kit

Price from 285.04

Seller reliability: excellent!

The set is created for schoolchildren to better understandchemistry. This is a construction kit that consists of 135 plastic elements designed to construct three-dimensional models of molecules. This is enough to collect most of the organic compounds mentioned in the school course. White flexible tubes are used to connect individual balls representing the atoms of a substance. The construction set is packed in a plastic case, inside of which there are separate sections for different parts. The thing is cool and useful!

TOP 5 products for school with AliExpress17

Great, just like the picture. Everything is in place. It came quickly.


TOP 5 products for school with AliExpress18

Very small but loved it. Will help you in your studies. Everything is whole.


TOP 5 products for school with AliExpress19

Cool set. I take it a second time. I recommend to all.

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