TOP 5 Sexy Swimwear 2021 from AliExpress

Buying a swimsuit is not as easy as it seems onfirst glance. There are a thousand little things to consider. Swimwear is used to seeing it live, touching the material and, of course, trying it on. The assortment of shops often leads women into a stupor that you even get lost.

Our selection is in a hurry to help you! It contains the best swimwear of 2021. They are selected taking into account customer reviews. All models are reliable and proven.

Separate swimsuit CERIALIN (4 sizes)

Price from 756.06

Seller reliability: excellent!

This model is ideal for lovers of plain colors.swimwear. The customer can purchase the item in white, black, wine, pink, green and red. The dimensional grid is accurate, fully consistent with Russian parameters. The swimsuit is made of polyester and spandex. The bodice is made in the shape of a top, it is comfortable and comfortable in it. The chest is tight and does not pop out. Does not shrink or fade after washing. The breast pads are loose. Such a swimsuit will emphasize a slim figure with tanned skin. Brazilian briefs and bodice are distinguished by high-quality finishing, good tailoring and beautiful appearance. Pay attention to such a beautiful swimsuit!

TOP 5 Seductive Swimwear of 2021 with AliExpress1

The swimsuit came in a month, the track was tracked,the quality is good, the lines are even. I ordered 2 of the same size but different colors. This swimsuit is 1-1.5 sizes smaller than light green. although the tag on the two swimwear is XL. I recommend the seller. Thank you.


TOP 5 Seductive Swimwear of 2021 with AliExpress2

Great swimsuit for the price.There are liners in the bodice, I pulled them out right away, as it is more convenient without them. The top sat down perfectly on the bust girth 87, under the bust 75, but the panties would be a little looser for the hip girth 92. In general, everything is ok, I will wear it.

Forever Young

TOP 5 Seductive Swimwear of 2021 with AliExpress3

The quality is excellent. The material is dense, the seams are even.Swimming trunks fit in size (hips 96). The bodice turned out to be small (my 80C), in terms of the volume of norms, the chest is completely included. The bodice in this design is more suitable for size 80A, B.

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Bikini ZerZerOne (7 colors)

Price from 769.28

Seller reliability: excellent!

The bra is made with push-up excellentholds the chest. The model is also suitable for ladies with curvaceous shapes. The snake print is the highlight of this swimsuit. Both cups are held together by a metal ring. This gives the bodice extra appeal. The product contains spandex, thanks to which the suit fits snugly to the body and allows the skin to breathe. The laundry dries quickly after bathing, even indoors. After washing, the print remains the same. Depending on the selected model, you can choose the size. There are S, M, L and XL. The fit of the swimsuit is perfect, it will emphasize all the advantages of the figure.

TOP 5 Seductive Swimwear of 2021 from AliExpress5

The quality is well sewn and the material is very pleasant. I took the size xl, they sat down on parameters 96-81-108 surprisingly well. The chest is a little tight.

Forever Young

TOP 5 Seductive Swimwear of 2021 with AliExpress6

The item matches the description, no problem or negative comments. Delivery was relatively quick. I am satisfied, I will order again if necessary.


TOP 5 Seductive Swimwear of 2021 with AliExpress7

Cool swimsuit! I ordered it from the reviews! Came up! They sent it not very quickly, but came in two weeks.


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Sporlike High Waisted Swimsuit

Price from 949.22

Seller reliability: excellent!

The Sporlike product looks great onwomen of any build. The model is universal. Slip panties fit tightly, nicely fit the buttocks. On the sides with a twisted string. The bra is made in the form of a mini T-shirt with a push-up bodice. Tied with ropes at the back. Looks like a corset. The model hides the tummy and sides. Makes the figure more toned and attractive. It is worth trying on!

TOP 5 Seductive Swimwear of 2021 with AliExpress9

The swimsuit is excellent, it fits perfectly. My measurements are 80 × 68 × 87. The tummy after childbirth hides well.


TOP 5 Seductive Swimwear of 2021 from AliExpress10

Delivery took a couple of weeks.I chose the S marking, for the parameters 85-70-90, the height of 163 cm fit perfectly. The upper has stiff cups with a slight push-up. The straps are adjustable, removable. Lacing on the back, easy to adjust the volume. The bottom has a high rise. On the sides of the lacing, the volume can be adjusted. White lining. A hygienic fit was present. The quality of the product is excellent. There was no marriage. The material is dense, good. I liked the swimsuit. The model is beautiful. The colors are new and interesting.


TOP 5 Seductive Swimwear of 2021 from AliExpress11

A beautiful and original retro swimsuit.I liked the swimsuit right away - and it was in this version - not just with an ordinary bathing bra, but the top in the shape of a top, I also really liked the colors. Very decent quality of tailoring: the threads did not stick out at all, the seams were neat and visually there were no jambs or distortions in the product. Immediately noticed that there was no smell, ABSOLUTELY none. Fabric that is thick enough to not wrinkle. In general, the swimsuit looks like an advertisement, there are no complaints: the swimsuit matches the size. High-quality fabric, optimal price!


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Swimsuit with high waist Seawefit (22 colors)

Price from 973.22

Seller reliability: excellent!

Another model of a swimsuit with a high waist andbodice in the form of a mini top with inserts (they can be removed if desired). Moreover, the top is chosen so as to look contrasting with the swimming trunks. Before buying laundry, you need to take your measurements and check with the manufacturer's table. It is accurate, it will help you not to be mistaken with the size. The color palette consists of 22 bold prints, with a choice of sizes S, M, L and XL. The top is tied at the back with strings, which allows it to be adjusted to the size of any chest. Swimming trunks perfectly hide the tummy and sides. The swimsuit will favorably emphasize the figure of a woman of any physique. The material is elastic, moderately dense, does not shine through when stretched. It also dries quickly and does not stretch after a delicate wash.

TOP 5 Seductive Swimwear of 2021 from AliExpress13

The bodice is made in the form of a top.In the chest area there are inserts that can be removed if desired. In the assortment of 20 colors of this model, the size range is from S to XL, the height 159.89-67-97 took the size M for its parameters, the size fit perfectly. Sewing neat without protruding threads and unpleasant odor when unpacking, delivery three weeks to Moscow, track is fully tracked, packaging is good. I recommend it for purchase.

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TOP 5 Seductive Swimwear of 2021 with AliExpress14

The material is elastic, moderately dense, withstretching does not show through. there are inserts in the chest area that can be removed if desired. straps are not adjustable in length. my parameters are Height -159; OG - 84 cm; OT- 64cm; OB - 89 cm. Great swimsuit, very comfortable! Will sit well on large breasts! Delivery about 2 weeks to PickPoint pick-up point.

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TOP 5 Seductive Swimwear of 2021 with AliExpress15

Very beautiful two-piece swimsuit, in purpleshade, top of a swimsuit with a floral print, bathing fabric, stretches well, there are inserts in the chest that can be removed if necessary. The front of the swimsuit is beautifully tied with a bow, the bottom of the swimsuit is at the waist, there are cuts on the sides, it will be very comfortable to swim in, my parameters: height 175 cm, chest volume 90 cm, waist 66 cm, hips 97 cm, delivery is super fast, quality is very good, I recommend to buy.


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Agrechoice Low Waist Bikini (7 Colors)

Price from 898.24

Seller reliability: excellent!

Sexy unrealistically beautiful swimsuit.The bodice is perfect for both lush and small breasts. The straps are made in the form of a chain, if you need to reduce, then just remove the links. Removable cups. The swimsuit is made of spandex. It stretches well and dries quickly. Just right for swimming! On a tanned body, the swimsuit is very cool. Perfect sewing. The seams are straight. Be sure to check your parameters with the manufacturer's size chart before buying, so as not to miscalculate.

TOP 5 Seductive Swimwear of 2021 from AliExpress17

Great swimsuit! The size matches the table.I took S on my 42 and did not regret it. Everything is super, cannon. Very elegant, aesthetic. Fell in love at first sight. Came to Nizhny Novgorod in a week. I recommend the seller!

Spik [er]

TOP 5 Seductive Swimwear of 2021 from AliExpress18

The swimsuit is cool, the delivery is fast. For parameters 88-62-90 she took size M. As a gift she received a chain on her leg. Thank you.


TOP 5 Seductive Swimwear of 2021 from AliExpress19

The quality is good, the fabric is dense, stretches, there islining fabric. The panties have an original insert of chains (on the sides). A bra cup with underwire, bra straps - chains, on the chest there is a clasp in the form of a piercing between the two cups. In this case, it was sewn incorrectly, there is a skew. I wear size M. My parameters OG 88 OT 72 OB 96 Delivery to the Republic of Belarus took more than a month. The track was tracked throughout the entire route. The goods are packed in a PE-bag, on top of the postage.


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