TOP 5 sharp sharpeners for every taste from ALIEXPRESS

The sharpener is a popular worldwide tool,allowing you to quickly put in order not only cutting objects, but also the office. The most common and popular types of such a useful thing as a sharpener are a knife sharpener and a pencil sharpener.

Over the years, their product appearance has undergonechanges, functionality became simpler and clearer. We offer you our latest selection from Aliexpress, so that you can buy a sharpener according to your needs.

Aihogard knife scissors

Price from 370.44

Seller reliability: excellent!

Often during the hike there is a need to sharpenknife. The knife from Aihogard is compact, its size is 125 mm x 32 mm x 16 mm, moderately light and comfortable. She can easily tidy up not only knives and scissors, but also garden tools. The product comes in a protective plastic case that folds like a penknife. Perhaps this is the most convenient travel knife sharpener. On the farm, you simply cannot do without such a thing!

TOP 5 sharp sharpeners for every taste from ALIEXPRESS1

The knife is small, handy. I went to Kursk for 3 weeks. The packaging was 5 plus. Everything is whole. How it sharpens - like it.


TOP 5 sharp sharpeners for every taste from ALIEXPRESS2

A handy thing especially in the field. Sharpens perfectly. Recomend for everybody.

Spik [er]

TOP 5 sharp sharpeners for every taste from ALIEXPRESS3

Delivery took two months and 15 days. It seems to be sharpening. I bought it in reserve.


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Sharpener for knives and scissors

Price from 130.28

Seller reliability: excellent!

The universal sharpener will easily lead tothe order of the blades of knives and scissors. The product is made in the form of a handle with two scissors at the end. The size of the device is just right for the handle of an adult - 14 * 7 * 2.6 cm. The knives are made of sharpening stones, the handle itself is made of thick plastic. It is comfortable to grip. The sharpener will last more than 10,000 times. In use, it turned out to be very practical and convenient. Customers are happy to use it and write rave reviews.

TOP 5 sharp sharpeners for every taste from ALIEXPRESS5

Sharpens well. The order went on for almost two months. I recommend the seller.

Fairy O'Really

TOP 5 sharp sharpeners for every taste from ALIEXPRESS6

Delivery to France in less than 3 weeks. It performs its function perfectly. All OK.


TOP 5 sharp sharpeners for every taste from ALIEXPRESS7

Mega fast delivery to Minsk in 19 days. Sharpens well. Lightweight, takes up little space.


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Electric kitchen sharpener Credeae

Price from 2578.99

Seller reliability: excellent!

The electric sharpener is literally one strokewill tidy up the blades of knives and scissors. It will take her 75 seconds to sharpen a kitchen ax, and 5 seconds to sharpen a knife. The device takes good care of the blade so that it cuts accurately and serves you for a long time. The design is simple. The body is made of plastic, inside it there are 3 sharpening stones for different purposes. Legs are provided for positioning on the table top. They provide stability. The assembly of the sharpener is of high quality. To activate the sharpener, you must press the switch located on the side of the device. The product can be purchased in four colors and two sizes - 220 * 88 * 70 mm and 23 * 9 * 6.5 cm. The set with the sharpener includes instructions, 3 replaceable sharpening stones, a dust brush and an adapter. Buyers write that the device works quietly and safely.

TOP 5 sharp sharpeners for every taste from ALIEXPRESS9

I am very pleased with the purchase, delivered quickly. I recommend the seller.


TOP 5 sharp sharpeners for every taste from ALIEXPRESS10

good quality sharpener. After it, the sharpened knife is very sharp, Thank you very much to the seller. RECOMMEND!!!!


TOP 5 sharp sharpeners for every taste from ALIEXPRESS11

Great product. Everything works perfectly. I sharpened everything. Thank you.


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Pencil sharpener Hatber

Price from 345,00

Seller reliability: excellent!

Such a mechanical sharpener must beto be at every schoolchild, student and office worker. It is comfortable and durable. Suitable for sharpening crayons and black lead pencils with any body shape, hexagonal, round, triangular. Sharpener blades are sharp, do not damage pencils. It is easy to understand the principle of its operation, if anything, there is an instruction. The chip reservoir built into the device is quite capacious. It is plastic and transparent. Compact size, non-slip bottom, nice design and low price make the Hatber sharpener attractive.

TOP 5 sharp sharpeners for every taste from ALIEXPRESS13

I am very pleased with the shavings! Just smart girl!Excellent pencil shaving! At first, I did not understand a little that the ears need to be pressed and moved, and then turn the handle! Everything is fine, it works! Thank you seller!

Angry bunny

TOP 5 sharp sharpeners for every taste from ALIEXPRESS14

The sharpener is good, everything works, the pencil is sharp. The seller is great, there were some problems with delivery to the point of issue, so the dispatch was made to the post office. I recommend the seller and the product.


TOP 5 sharp sharpeners for every taste from ALIEXPRESS15

The first time I used a sharpener of this kind.The result is impressive! The sharpener sharpens all types of pencils (standard, not suitable for thick ones) - plastic, wooden, film, hexagonal and triangular. Pencils of terrible quality were even sharpened, which other sharpeners only nibbled and broke. The sharpening angle is also excellent, the pencil stays sharp for a long time during use.


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XueSheng Pencil Sharpeners

Price from 58.86

Seller reliability: excellent!

Mechanical sharpener from XueSheng with doubleholes work well for stationery and makeup pencils. It is small in size - 3.5 * 2.8 cm. The diameter of the large hole is 1.2 cm, the smaller one is 0.8 cm. The body of the product is made of plastic, so that the chips do not spill out, a lid is provided. Metal blades, sharp. You can buy this sharpener in black, white, red and pink. It is very useful for study!

TOP 5 sharp sharpeners for every taste from ALIEXPRESS17

The sharpener arrived for 15 days. No damage, excellent quality, sharpens well. Recommend.

cute personification of evil

TOP 5 sharp sharpeners for every taste from ALIEXPRESS18

Good sharpener, came with other orders in one package at the cashier of the five. Sharpens cool.


TOP 5 sharp sharpeners for every taste from ALIEXPRESS19

Booked Feb 27 and arrived Mar 18. As in the description. Arrived in pink.


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