TOP 5 smart tags from AliExpress

With the advent of the smart label from one worldwideof a famous brand, the popularity of such a thing as a gps tracker has increased. There are a lot of similar devices like airtag, many are much cheaper and have excellent functionality.

Before you buy a gps tracker, be sure to look through our selection. It contains the coolest options with precise geo-position!

Smart tag from Baseus T2

Price from 751.47

Seller reliability: excellent!

The beacon of this brand is connected via Bluetooth.Emits a loud beep, 90 dB. The tag body is plastic. There is a button on it. If you click on it, you can turn on the sound signal on your smartphone. The gadget allows you not only to search for lost things from a smartphone, but also to search for a lost smartphone from a tag. There is a related Baseus Smart app available for Android and iOS, thanks to which you can keep track of lost items and the battery power of the key fob. The battery is replaceable and will last for 180 days of use. The thing is cool!

TOP 5 smart tags from AliExpress1

The goods were sent quickly.Packaged in a postal bag. The exterior is very imposing and solid. I downloaded the program, the keychains were easily registered, quite flexible settings. The overall impression is still good. I did not communicate with the seller. I recommend the product and the seller.


TOP 5 smart tags from AliExpress2

It took a very long time, the device is really lightand compact, comes with a battery, downloaded the application and it connected according to the instructions, everything works, emits signals when approaching and moving away, and the signal is transmitted via Bluetooth, that is, keys or small objects to which it is attached are really easy to find, let's try again find on the map, after adding a review.


TOP 5 smart tags from AliExpress3

Super Delivery! 10 days before the Republic of Tatarstan! Thank you seller!


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Mini Nut Tracker with Bluetooth YiSailing

Price from 737.93

Seller reliability: excellent!

This is a compact version of the tracker in the form of a keychain.Available in 4 colors. Battery operated, replaceable. You will not find any buttons on the case, since they are not provided. If you buy two tags of this brand, they will exchange geodata. This means that your device in Lost Mode will be able to contact other tags. And you will quickly receive data on its current location. This feature is very convenient for a large family.

TOP 5 smart tags from AliExpress5

The item arrived pretty quickly. Everything is whole, the tracker works. I recommend the seller.

T @ nOk_Bobr @

TOP 5 smart tags from AliExpress6

Very good condition. Thanks to the seller. Fire tracker!


TOP 5 smart tags from AliExpress7

The item arrived on schedule. Works great. I recommend the seller.


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POPSPARK smart tag (8 colors)

Price from 242.97

Seller reliability: excellent!

The POPSPARK tracker is specially designed foranimals. Foot design and bright colors. The key fob has a built-in GPS module, there are applications for Android and iOS. Powered by a battery. It is replaceable and will last six months. It is also possible to search for a smartphone using a key fob. If the connection is broken (in the case when the smartphone and the tracker move away from each other), both devices will beep. If the Bluetooth connection is disconnected, the tag can be found on the map. To prevent the tracker from distracting you, it is possible to turn off the sound on a schedule. Just set the appropriate settings in the app.

TOP 5 smart tags from AliExpress9

Goods match the description. I have a battery in the kit, I got it right right away. When checked, it beeps. For work.


TOP 5 smart tags from AliExpress10

Good quality. Everything works perfectly. Inside there are 2 magnets and an additional antenna. I am satisfied.


TOP 5 smart tags from AliExpress11

Great product!!! Ultra fast delivery !!! Thank you, thank you.

Only you

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GPS beacon (5 colors)

Price from 114.34

Seller reliability: excellent!

A good budget GPS tag won't let you losethings. Just toss it in your bag pocket or hang it as a keychain. Many people use it for keys to an apartment or car, wallet, children's belongings, pet collars, suitcases or other things. The anti-theft device has a geolocation accuracy with a range of 25 m. For its operation, the tag uses Bluetooth and GPS, there is a button and an alert in case of a threat of communication breakdown. There are many colors to choose from. The dimensions of the tag are as follows - 52 * 31 * 11 mm. 200mAh battery. The body is completely made of ABS plastic. The gadget is compatible with IOS 7.0 and Android 4.4.

TOP 5 smart tags from AliExpress13

Tracker. No defects and delivered. Very quickly, thank you so much.


TOP 5 smart tags from AliExpress14

Super fast delivery - 4 days. I checked the functionality - everything works. I bought a child.


TOP 5 smart tags from AliExpress15

The thing is cool. The label is great. Everything is as in the description.

Forever Young

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GPS tracker Baseus T3

Price from 1754.94

Seller reliability: excellent!

The tag has a rechargeable battery.If the distance between you and her exceeds the set limits (10, 30, 80 m), she will give a signal in advance. Will not allow you to break the connection. There is no way to determine the geolocation of the lost placemark, but the application will show on the map the place where the connection was broken. It takes 1 hour to recharge the battery. This should be enough for 3 months of work. The dimensions of the tracker are 39.9 * 13.2 cm.

TOP 5 smart tags from AliExpress17

Everything works fine. It came in 2 weeks.


TOP 5 smart tags from AliExpress18

Good quality. Easy to use. Fast delivery thanks to the seller.


TOP 5 smart tags from AliExpress19

With children, the thing is simply irreplaceable, now I'm not looking for remotes for half an hour. Everything is super! I'm happy with the purchase.


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