TOP 5 stickers for masking holes with ALIEXPRESS

When it comes to restoring defects onOn a wide variety of surfaces, many resort to things like vinyl decals or stickers. For example, scuffs on a wardrobe or a dent on the wall can be easily removed - masked with original stickers.

We invite you to see our selection of decorative stickers that will save your budget.

Decorative stickers Butterflies (12 pcs)

Price from 99.73

Seller reliability: excellent!

These stickers became the most popular in 2019 and2020 year. Butterflies are really voluminous. On sale are presented in 2 colors in sizes - 12 cm, 10 cm, 8 cm. They are so easy to glue. They are held on the surface by means of glue circles. The dimensions are as follows - 4 pcs. * 12 cm, 4 pcs. * 10 cm, 4 pcs. * 8 cm. Stickers are sold in packs of 12 pieces. Each butterfly is very elaborately crafted. Such stickers paint not only the nursery, but also the bedroom and the living room.

TOP 5 stickers for masking holes with ALIEXPRESS1

Super butterflies, stick to any surface, even plaster. I will take more. Recommend.


TOP 5 stickers for masking holes with ALIEXPRESS2

12 butterflies in 3 different sizes with Velcro. The product went on for over a month. They put it in the mailbox.


TOP 5 stickers for masking holes with ALIEXPRESS3

Butterflies are super !!! They came not dented. Recommend.


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Mirror stickers (2 sizes)

Price from 97.48

Seller reliability: excellent!

Diamond shaped mirror stickers are solda set of 12 pieces. Available to order in five colors. All of them have a mirror color coating. Product dimensions - 46x40x23 mm and 80x70x40 mm. Stickers serve as a chic way to expand the visual space without a large investment. Gluing mirrors is easy, simple and fast. The workmanship of the product is strong 5. Each mirror arrives individually wrapped so that nothing is damaged during delivery. And this is undoubtedly a plus.

TOP 5 stickers for masking holes with ALIEXPRESS5

Thank you so much for the fast delivery and quality product. This is not glass! but it performs its function no worse. I am pleased.

Review number 2: The package went on for a very long time. The seller has extended the buyer's protection period. I answered messages.


TOP 5 stickers for masking holes with ALIEXPRESS6

The order came to St. Petersburg quickly in 10 days, at the cashier's office. Everything is packed well, nothing is scratched, there is a protective film On the double-sided tape it seems to hold.


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Disney Wall Stickers

Price from 282.68

Seller reliability: excellent!

Disguise wallpaper flaws or just decoratewall in the nursery will help such stickers with Mickey Mouse. The size of the sticker is 70 * 50 cm. The stickers are printed clearly, the cut is neat. The process of gluing on the wall is simple, for this you need to remove the protective layer and stick it on the wall, then rub it with a dry cloth. Decorative stickers are ideal for nursery walls, they will delight your child for a long time.

TOP 5 stickers for masking holes with ALIEXPRESS8

Great, thanks, will buy again. Thanks. The stickers are beautiful.


TOP 5 stickers for masking holes with ALIEXPRESS9

The stickers are large, the print is of high quality. The packaging is bad, in some places it was torn. The stickers were not damaged.


TOP 5 stickers for masking holes with ALIEXPRESS10

Well packed. My daughter likes it. Hope it sticks to the wall. Thanks.

Angry cookie

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Door sticker (2 sizes)

Price from 1193.72

Seller reliability: excellent!

Decorative sticker with abstraction -an original way to restore or simply decorate an ordinary interior door. This solution is perfect for both a country house and an apartment. The sticker is available in 2 sizes. No additional preparation is required before gluing. The sticker is easy to apply. Please note that it has two parts. Easy to stick and bubble-free. Print quality on a solid five. The seller will send you the sticker on a roll.

TOP 5 stickers for masking holes with ALIEXPRESS12

Looks good, realistic from a distance. Up close, you can see that the resolution of the picture is normal. And so everything is as in the description of the seller. Thanks.


TOP 5 stickers for masking holes with ALIEXPRESS13

Exactly as in the picture. Consists of 2 parts, glued well, the seam is not visible. It turned out very nice!

Fairy O'Really

TOP 5 stickers for masking holes with ALIEXPRESS14

Everything went perfectly and is already glued to the front door. Let's see how long it lasts. Quality printing.


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YanTin Stickers

Price from 97.48

Seller reliability: excellent!

The stickers are so versatile they will help youonly hide irregularities and imperfections of surfaces, but also noticeably improve them. Self-adhesive vinyl stickers create a tiled effect in the kitchen or bathroom. You can glue them both directly on the tile itself to give it the desired color, so simply on the wall. The material from which the stickers are made is completely waterproof and very durable, it can only be torn on purpose, applying remarkable efforts. Suitable for freshening up the boring design of the kitchen, bathroom, living room, nursery or even a balcony.

TOP 5 stickers for masking holes with ALIEXPRESS16

Stickers are just super !!! I ordered it without hesitation. It is very convenient to glue, and quite pleasant to the touch photos before and after. In general, I'm glad.


TOP 5 stickers for masking holes with ALIEXPRESS17

The beauty! Today I will probably stick it on. Delivery is not long, normal. Thanks a lot!

My life

TOP 5 stickers for masking holes with ALIEXPRESS18

It came quickly in 10 days. The quality is similar to a sticker, but it stuck tightly and looks great, like a tile. Time will tell how it will hold up. Recommend.


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