TOP 5 Waterproof Shower Curtains from AliExpress

Save you from the most common householdinjuries, and the floor from splashing will help such an accessory as a curtain for the bathroom. Taking bath procedures with him becomes much safer and the bathroom itself is more comfortable.

Much depends on what kind of shower curtain will be.For example, the service life of the product, the speed of drying, the field of contact with water droplets. Be sure to consider these parameters if you want to purchase a shower curtain.

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Shower curtain Alloet (3 colors)

Price from 887.03

Seller reliability: excellent!

The beautiful curtain is very soft and pleasant to the touch,I just want to touch her. The drawing gives an interesting visual effect - it looks like a thousand small lenses. When washed, it becomes opaque. The washable person is blurred through this curtain. Only a multi-colored silhouette is visible, without details. The product comes immediately with hooks. It is produced in three translucent colors and two sizes - 180 * 200 cm and 180 * 180 cm. Due to the properties of synthetic material, the curtain does not get wet, dries quickly and keeps its shape well.

TOP 5 Waterproof Shower Curtains from AliExpress1

All perfectly! I'll hang it in the bathroom today. Arrived in branded packaging.

Only you

TOP 5 Waterproof Shower Curtains from AliExpress2

Came to Perm in 2-3 weeks.The seller is responsive, quickly dispatched the item. The track was fully tracked. The color is fully consistent with the picture. Deep blue. I took 180 × 180 Perfect! The material is soft. The print is fun! It looks translucent, but hides well I advise!


TOP 5 Waterproof Shower Curtains from AliExpress3

An excellent curtain, quite tight. Not transparent. Delivery to Moscow 3 weeks. Thank you seller!

Foxy_ [Pirate]

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Shower curtain "Whales and turtles"

Price from 511.87

Seller reliability: excellent!

A curtain for a bathroom from the Dolyan brand with largewhales and turtles will become a reliable barrier from splashes. Curtain size - 180 × 160 cm. Made of polyester. It is dense and unpretentious to care for. Such an accessory is practical and stylish, the sewing material is dense. It will not lose its properties and color even after several washes. The curtain comes with eyelets. They are plastic. Buyers are satisfied with the cost and quality of the product.

TOP 5 Waterproof Shower Curtains from AliExpress5

The package arrived on time. I took it at the post-office. The price pleased with the promo code. I liked the curtain.


TOP 5 Waterproof Shower Curtains from AliExpress6

The curtain is dense, similar to the satin surface. Bright beautiful drawing. Doesn't get wet. Performs its function. I recommend the seller.

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TOP 5 Waterproof Shower Curtains from AliExpress7

Very beautiful, bright curtain. Home delivery by courier is very fast. Thanks to the seller.


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Shower curtain in a marine style (21 prints)

Price from 796.56

Seller reliability: excellent!

Do you want to get into the underwater kingdom right at your placeat home? Then hang a matching curtain such as this one in the bathroom. 21 original bright prints and 7 sizes will satisfy every taste. Perfectly holds its shape and does not fade as a result of prolonged use. The shower curtain dries quickly and does not get wet for a long time. Supplied complete with hooks. Be sure to pay attention to this product!

TOP 5 Waterproof Shower Curtains from AliExpress9

Waterproof material, beautiful. The price is great. It came up to me.


TOP 5 Waterproof Shower Curtains from AliExpress10

Looks nice, bright colors and good material. Very fast delivery to Voronezh. Thanks to the seller.


TOP 5 Waterproof Shower Curtains from AliExpress11

The curtains are all beautiful. I am very pleased with the purchase. Doesn't get wet. You can safely buy.


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Shower curtain

Price from 616.40

Seller reliability: excellent!

Shower curtain with a beautiful geometric patternand an original color palette consisting of 30 options will become a highlight in your bathroom interior. The product is unpretentious in maintenance, the colors do not fade after several washings, and it dries quickly and does not get wet, which is very cool! The product can be purchased in five sizes - 90 × 180 cm, 120 × 180 cm, 150 × 180 cm, 180 × 180 cm and 200 × 180 cm.This accessory will revive your bathroom, and will also be of great benefit.

TOP 5 Waterproof Shower Curtains from AliExpress13

Synthetic curtain. Lightweight. It's definitely worth its money!

T @ nOk_Bobr @

TOP 5 Waterproof Shower Curtains with AliExpress14

The curtain is cool! All prints are just a sight for sore eyes. I barely chose ... The order arrived in Moscow in 2 weeks. I'm very happy.


TOP 5 Waterproof Shower Curtains from AliExpress15

I have been looking for something original for a long time. I was right with the size. Everything is perfect.


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Shower curtain WHQ (17 sizes)

Price from 519.03

Seller reliability: excellent!

Shower curtain presented in largesize range. There are also 80 * 180 cm, 80 * 200 cm, 120 * 180 cm, 120 * 200 cm, 150 * 180 cm, 150 * 200 cm, 180 * 180 cm, 180 * 200 cm, 200 * 200 cm, 220 * 180 cm, 220 * 200 cm, 240 * 180 cm, 240 * 200 cm, 260 * 180 cm, 260 * 200 cm, 300 * 180 cm, 300 * 200 cm.Sold with 12 hooks. The curtain is translucent. A beautiful pattern is applied on the top, middle and bottom. The manufacturer controls all stages of production, so that the quality of the tailoring of the product is 5 points. The seller packs the product perfectly.

TOP 5 Waterproof Shower Curtains from AliExpress17

Thank you! I really liked the curtain. Good quality. I recommend to buy. The seller packed the goods well. Hooks included.


TOP 5 Waterproof Shower Curtains from AliExpress18

For a very long time I was looking for a large size in my city, but nowhere was it. And here is what you need! Both length and width! All perfectly!


TOP 5 Waterproof Shower Curtains from AliExpress19

Pretty. I ordered 240 by 180, worried that it would be shorter. As a result, they sent as much as 245 to 180. So everything is fine. hooks put 18 pieces, in total it was enough, there were 2 spare.

Forever Young

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