Vest with turn signals for cyclists

Vest with turn signals for cyclists0

$ 18.52

The vest comes in handy to safely ride a bike or scooter on the road. It will be easier for car drivers to notice you and understand your maneuvers.

The vest is controlled from the remote control.You can include various designations: left and right turn, forward movement, exclamation mark - stop. The remote control is attached to the steering wheel with ties - they are included in the kit. The remote control is powered by a CR2032 battery.

The vest can be attached to the back or backpack, forit has adjustable straps. The vest is battery operated and lasts for 20 hours of continuous use. The battery is charged via USB from any power supply in 2-3 hours. The vest is made of waterproof fabric - you can ride in it in the rain and not be afraid for electronics.