Wall clock: 10 models with a quiet running and original design from Aliexpress for home

Wall electronic clock - a stylish accessory and just
A charming detail for any interior. To choose the right wall
watch must take into account several important nuances: the size of the room must be
proportional to the size of the clock (the larger the room, the larger the clock can be),
clock mechanism - for a nursery and a bedroom it is better to choose a quartz one, because
it is characteristically quieter. It is also worth paying attention to the general decor,
for example, a large clock is more suitable for a room with little decor
with bright design. In today's selection you will find 10 models of wall clocks with
original design that can be hung on the wall both in the kitchen and
bedroom. At the same time, the operation of their mechanism will not interfere with your rest after
hard working day.

1. Spiral clock

Quite a rare version of the wall clock withunusual appearance. The watch looks not only spectacular, but really bewitching, so it is very difficult to pass by them. The watch received a standard round case of good quality, made of acrylic. White dial with black numbers. There are three hands for timing. The mechanism is reliable quartz, which not only works quietly, but also guarantees durable operation of the product.

2. Clock “Pizza”

Extremely appetizing wall clock thatable to make everyone lick their lips and think when was the last time you ate and is it time to run for a fragrant piece of real pizza. The clock looks realistic, perfect for decorating the interior of the kitchen, and can also become a stylish decoration in a cafe or pizzeria. The dial is a circle of pizza in every detail: thin dough, tomato sauce, melted cheese and slices of delicious sausage. There are also traditional signs that help to find out the time. The clock works almost silently, looks cool. Your kitchen will definitely sparkle with new colors with this cool clock. Plus, they make a great birthday or housewarming gift!

3. Clock with photos

This wall clock model will not only takea worthy place in your home as an unusual element of decor, but will also help to preserve the warmest and most reverent memories of the past. Watches are made to order, all you need is to select photographs and send them to the seller. The manufacturing quality is high. It is possible to choose the diameter of the dial: 30 or 38 cm. Three hands tell the time, while the second hand moves very smoothly and does not create noise, so the watch will not disturb your sleep. Powered by one battery.

4. Illuminated clock

Wall clock with a thin wooden case andsoft lighting - will add originality to your interior. The clock will be harmoniously combined with wooden furniture and other decorative items. The round dial has numerals and days of the week coated with luminescent paint. This allows you to accumulate daylight and glow at night for a long time. The peculiarity of the watch is that it is equipped with a quartz movement, which has a smooth running and does not emit the usual ticking. Runs on a standard AA battery. There is a delivery from the Russian Federation.

5. Watch “Compass”

Wall clock with original design andinteresting design can decorate almost any room. The product consists of two main parts: the clock mechanism and the dial. Operates quietly and has no ticking noise. The dial is round in shape, its diameter is 30 cm. Made of good quality acrylic. At the back there is a hole for one AA battery. There is a nice LED backlight, so the clock can also be used as a night light in the dark.

6. Watches with a striking design

Bright, stylish, modern watches that are exactlywill grab the attention of your guests. The seller offers several design options for the product. The dial is round, made of high quality mineral glass, the edges are cut perfectly. Diameter 30 cm. Materials are resistant to sunlight, do not fade, and retain their integrity for a long time. On the back side there is a special mount that comes with the kit. The mechanism is silent with good accuracy. In general, an excellent bright model for the money.

7. Multi-function watch

Multifunctional wall clockperfect for both home and office. Their main feature is that on the dial, in addition to the time, you can see the temperature and humidity in the room. Models without built-in thermometer and hygrometer are available. Body material - plastic. The diameter of the product is 30 cm. The mechanism is silent.

8. Watch with original case

Great clock option for your living room, alsoperfect for an unusual and stylish gift for any celebration. The body is made of high quality acrylic. The material is characterized by good strength, lightness and environmental friendliness. Black open dial (no glass), white numerals. The watch has three hands long enough to tell the time and a quiet, smooth running mechanism. Power is supplied by one battery.

9. Metal clock

Large metal wall clock usually choosewealthy and self-confident people who appreciate sophistication and conciseness in the interior. Such watches often become the highlight of the interior. In addition, metal is associated with strength and power. The watch looks beautiful, has a reliable design. Suitable for both street and home. The watch is not light, its weight is 2 kg. Product diameter 60 cm. The manufacturer guarantees good accuracy.

10. Clock night light

Original watch in a round case and pleasantillumination for the eyes. They look nice and are of good quality. The dial is black, the numbers have a blue or red backlight, your choice. In addition to the main function, they perfectly serve as a small night light. During operation, they do not create noise, so you can not worry that if you hang such a clock in the bedroom, they will interfere with your rest.

Thank you for your attention. The selection featured some of the most interesting models that you can find on AliExpress. That's all. All successful shopping.