Which SSD to buy on Aliexpress. We collected inexpensive and fast drives

For many, this went unnoticed, but along withThe impoverishment of the market for Apple devices like the iPad, MacBook and some iPhone models in Russia also made itself felt by a slight shortage of SSDs. Despite the fact that they have not completely disappeared from the market, their prices have risen quite significantly. In official retail, it has become the norm to sell a 128 GB drive for 3-4 thousand rubles. And meanwhile, on Aliexpress have not heard of any shortage and still sell a variety of SSc at pricesclose to the pre-crisis level.


SSD drives are different. But all of them are cheaper on Ali than in Russian stores



SSD drive - which one to choose

This is one of the simplest and relatively inexpensive drives.

Let's start with Netac, one of the most famous, perhaps, Chinese SSD driveswhich are on sale today at a significant discount. These are solid-state “disks” with no moving parts for internal placement of the standard SATA3which is compatible with SATA2, which means they can be connected to almost any laptop and desktop PC.

Price: from 919 rubles

On sale there are options with capacities from 128 GB to 2TB. Depending on the volume, the speed also changes (more - higher), but on average it is 550 MB / s for reading and about 500 MB / s for writing. Keep in mind, however, that the actual capacity will be slightly less, since manufacturers consider 1 GB for 1000 MB, and not 1024 MB, as it should be in the classics.

Inexpensive SATA SSD

Goldenfir offers smaller storage capacities

Goldenfir SSDs have the same SATA connection interface andapproximately comparable speed of reading and writing data as Netac (for older modifications), but at the same time they offer a wider range of initial versions. There are versions with a capacity of 64 GB. It is not clear who needs it, but let it be.

Price: from 720 rubles

Despite relatively low prices for Goldenfire drives, they have a lot of orders (more than 60 thousand) and positive reviews. The vast majority of those who bought these SSDs praise the combination high speed and affordable price. Someone also writes about fast delivery, but apparently this advantage does not apply to all orders.

SSD mSATA - buy

XrayDisk are good drives for those looking for the mSATA standard

As is known, SSD drives are different from each other not only in capacity, but also in the connection interface, and not all of us need SATA drives. Someone is looking for an option with mSATA, and there are also such on Aliexpress. For example, here is such a model from XrayDisk, which offers at least 4 available options and reasonable prices for all modifications: from 60 to 256 GB.

Price: from 830 rubles

Truth, speed here it will be already lower than in previous models:up to 500 MB/s read and up to 450 MB/s write. This is to be expected, given that the capacity of XrayDisk drives is quite small. And, as you know, the higher it is, the higher the recording speed will be, which is already ...

SSD M2 - buy

KingSpec - Fast and Affordable Drives

Another option from among the non-classical SSD drives. This is KingSpec with M.2 interface.Unlike SATA options, this one has a slightly different form factor due to the connection standard and does not have an external casing like other drives. It doesn't make it worse or better. But it's more expensive, yes.

Price: from 1160 rubles

The basic version of such a 128 GB drive costsalready 1,150 rubles, and the most expensive one - for 1 TB - almost 5,000 rubles, which, in terms of available gigabytes, is quite adequate. However, the speed here will already be higher due to the PCIe Gen 3.0 “disks” soldered on the bar: an average of 2000 MB / s for reading and about 1800 MB / s for writing. Decent, but definitely not for everyone.

Inexpensive Netac SSD

Netac drives come in a variety of form factors

And here's another drive with an interface M.2 by Netac. Don't think that the difference between them isonly in brand. The key advantage of Netac SSD is its high read speed, which can reach up to 3100MB/s. This is more advanced stuff. Therefore, the available capacities here start from 250 GB.

Price: from 1660 rubles

A seller who sells Netac drives claims a 5-year warranty for them. Over this time SSD they promise to change it to a new one if there is anything wrong with ithappen due to the fault of the manufacturer. However, judging by the huge number of orders and positive reviews, no one has had any problems yet, as well as a reason to apply for a replacement.

Samsung SSD

Samsung drives are top-of-the-line, but also the most expensive

For those who don't trust Netac, there is Samsung SSD. They are distinguished not only by the more famous in the worldcut brand, but also even faster speed. Frankly speaking, this is one of the highest rates that we managed to find on Aliexpress. It is a pity that these drives cannot expand the memory of modern Macs.

Price: from 3770 rubles

Drives Samsung have M2 interface, thanks to which - at least if you taketop versions with the maximum amount of memory - give up to 3500 MB / s for reading, and up to 3300 MB / s for writing. Seen more? Then take the virtual shopping guru medal on AliExpress and leave this SSD for others - it's really top.

Fast SSD for PC

Need external storage please

High speed is, of course, cool. But not everyone needs drives for internal placement. Someone probably needs a quicka solid state drive that you can take with you and connect it to various devices. For them, we can offer such a drive from the Netac brand we already know.

Price: from 2000 rubles

It's cool that thanks to the standard M.2 NVMe this drive has a pretty high speed:1040 MB/s read and about 930 MB/s write. This is still less than the top solutions from our today's selection for internal placement, but already not bad and clearly enough to quickly transfer important data to or from a computer.

External SSD - Samsung T7

Even Samsung external drives are not cheap

Samsung, as we have already understood, makes some of the bestdrives - both in terms of read and write speed, and in terms of performance quality and reliability. Therefore, they are significantly more expensive than analogues from lesser-known competitors. For example, here is an external drive Samsung T7 with USB-C-exit will cost you at least 6.5k rubles.

Price: 6570 rubles

The main reason for the high price is thatthat this SSD is only available in 500 GB and 1 TB versions. The corresponding speed is attached: up to 1050 MB / s for reading and up to 1000 MB / s for writing. Decent, in my opinion. Moreover, this is almost twice as fast as the previous generation model, which came out under the number T5.

SSD for Xbox

If desired, you can even expand the memory of the Xbox

Well, to complete our selection today, I propose an external memory expansion card for Xbox. it NVMe PCIe SSD with 4 “disks” soldered on a bracket, with a capacity of 1 or 2 TB. There are no smaller versions. Therefore, the price will be correspondingly high. No, you misunderstood: the price will be very high.

Price: from 11 840 rubles

For the basic version of 1 TB, you will be asked for almost12k, and for a 2-terabyte modification - almost 25k. The price is decent, but the thing, frankly, is quite specific with a characteristically high speed: 2850-3200 MB / s. True, keep in mind that without the PS Store, there is almost no point in the Xbox itself, as well as in expanding its memory.