Tablet on Windows CHUWI Hi10 X 10.1 "

6/128 GB, IPS, Intel Celeron N4120, Intel® UHD Graphics 600, 3250 mAh.
Lots of connectors.
You can buy a keyboard (rather, you even NEED to buy a keyboard, otherwise why do you need Windows here?)

The admin took just this one at the last sale, but so far he has not really tasted it. took to work on trips. The screen is not bad, the keyboard does not contain Russian letters (stickers included).
Winda works norms, I did not notice serious brakes, so far I have tried only to work in the Word and watch films.
I didn't like the keyboard that it was too slippery, with it the tablet easily slides across the table with awkward movements.
Tablet on Windows CHUWI Hi10 X 10.1''0